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Organic loose-leaf Oolong tea from Thailand

In the mountains here in Thailand is a lot of mists and much sun, which allows cultivating a truly delicious organic tea. It is known that the tea plant Camellia Sinensis is very picky about the quality of the soil. Tea bushes and trees form a large vegetative mass of leaves and shoots that require a large number of nutrients and water. Tea is a very "gluttonous" plant. However, the wide cultivation of tea has begun in Thailand not long ago. Mountain lands suitable for gardening are not yet exhausted of fertility, unlike many places in China and Taiwan. That is why here in Thailand many factories produce organic tea, they have no big need to use hazardous pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.

Buy Taiwanese Oolong tea varieties from Thailand

All oolong teas you can buy in our shop are Taiwanese oolong varieties. This tea is produced by local farmers in cooperation with Taiwanese specialists and by Taiwanese technology, but the bushes are grown on the high mountain slopes of Thailand. Thai terroir is ideal for oolong tea.

Which Oolong tea to buy in our online shop

There is no secret that oolong tea taste depends a lot on the material qualities: variety, terroir, harvest grade… But in addition to these properties, there are two main processing factors that affect the final oolong taste, oxidation level, and roasting strength.

In our tea shop, you can buy both, delicate light oolong tea types and dark oolongs of deep processing. Here is a brief overview to help you choose the best oolong tea for your taste. Could be handy when buying online without big experience.

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Oolong tea types and tastes

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2020 Gui Fei Oolong Premium Tea
Take the “tropical fruit” caramel, berry jam, a spoonful of fragrant honey, and a fresh peach pit, straight from the peach. Ok, great, you've got our new Gui Fei. This bug-bitten oolong is brew..
2020 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea, USDA Organic
Want to try a Taiwanese Oolong variety that is nearly impossible to find in Taiwan? Thailand provides this opportunity. We are talking about hybrid Ruan Zhi (Chinese for ‘Soft Stem’), which..
2021 Dong Ding Oolong Tea
This Dong Ding is made by an experienced master. I would even say, the best Dong Ding master in Thailand, whose name we keep secret. This year he’s made a surprisingly balanced tea that is hard to fin..
2022 Cui Yu Jade Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
A hybrid of the Taiwanese Research Experimental Station, TRES #13. In Thailand, there is only one small plantation of Cui Yu bushes that belongs to an organic oolong producer we've been cooperati..
2022 Darjeeling Style Tea Loose-Leaf, Light Oxidation, USDA Organic
It is, without exaggeration, a unique tea for Thailand. I’m pretty sure, at this moment, this kind is only available at one factory (and here). Despite the outward resemblance to Dongfang Meiren, th..
2022 Gaba Tea Exclusive, USDA Organic
Unique gaba oolong made according to classical technology when air is replaced with nitrogen during oxidation. The distinct acidity indicates a high GABA content, which is becoming rare in modern gaba..
2022 Gaba Tea Premium
This Thai Gaba premium quality has a potent, sweet floral aroma. In the taste, there are sweet plums and pears with typical GABA-tones. Even when the tea is over, It still keeps sweet floral bouquet t..
2022 Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
This tea is masterfully processed. The flashes are solid and neat. By roasting in stages with a pause of several days, the master achieved softness and evenness of the taste without excessive greenery..
2021 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea Premium, Myanmar, 2000m
This tea came from Myanmar (Burma). From the high mountain plantation, located at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Dry leaves aroma is intense. The flavor is sweet and floral with the savor of be..
Si Ji Chun Oolong (Four Seasons) Tea Premium, USDA Organic
December 2022 harvest of Si Ji Chun from USDA certified organic plantation. This tea has an amazingly delicate, lively floral-fruity perfume melody and thick oily vanilla mouthfeel that stays on the t..
Dongfang Meiren Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Tea, USDA Organic
Oriental Beauty tea is a medium-fermented oolong made of bug bitten leaves. Dong Fang Mei Ren is a long twisted version of Beauty, which can also be rolled into hemispheres - such tea is called Gui F..
2019 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
This red water oolong (technically, red tea made from oolong material) is from the same master as the 2014 Hong Shui.Why is there such a gap of five years?Potentially powerful tea samples from promisi..
2020 Thai Giant Single Tree Wild Tea Loose-leaf, Oolong Style
This wild tea is collected from probably the oldest tree in Thailand. The estimated age is 1300-1500 years. The tree has already begun to crumble, it is difficult to say how many more years it will st..
2015 Lao Gui Fei Oolong Tea
Gui Fei Oolong also known as Oriental Beauty Oolong is produced exclusively from the leaves that have been bitten by green leafhoppers, usually in the period of May-June. In Thailand, farmers will con..
2016 Dark Gui Fei Oolong Tea
The taste is similar to the high-quality Dongfang Meiren, with the same honey notes. But this oolong is more oxidized, so black tea lovers will like it. Very drinkable and holds many infusions. I..
2018 Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Medium Roasted
This is a vivid example of a classic autumn Dong Ding oolong, delicately crafted with a good understanding of taste and the end result. During storage, the tea was warmed up twice: in September 2019 a..
2006 Lao Cui Yu Oolong Tea
This tea can truly be called Lao Cha Wang - "old tea king". Despite the considerable age and high fire level when roasting up, the master managed to keep a dense and bright taste in this Aged Cui Yu (..
2013 Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Charcoal Dark Roasted
Finding a good Dong Ding oolong is not an easy task. Finding a good charcoal-roasted Dong Ding is an event that is purely a matter of luck. This particular specimen has already been tested on wholesal..
2016 Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Heavy Roasted
This Dong Ding will appeal to those who like tea of quite strong fire. Some people find similarities between this tea and thoroughbred Wuyi Shan oolongs. The tea smells deliciously fruity, floral and..
1995 Lao Qing Xin Aged Oolong Tea
A thick, deep taste with a rich aroma of cherry, chocolate, sweet red apples. Velvety aftertaste of aged tea with cinnamon and bark notes. Lao Qing Xin (Chin Shin) Oolong is very unusual tea. In addit..
2014 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
Hong Shui, which means literally “red water” oolong, is a quite rare Thai tea with high level of oxidation and of medium fire. It is produced from the specially selected leaves of Ruan Zhi and Jin Xua..
2016 Hong Shui Oolong Tea, gr. A
Ideal tea for a snowy winter, when you want to remember the scent of the forest and warm up with red tea.Pine cone laced with fruit in the taste. Balanced tea.Absolute hit of 2016. Excellent value for..
Pouchong (Bao Zhong) Cui Yu Oolong Loose Tea, USDA Organic
Our Pouchong (Bao Zhong) tea is made from Taiwanese Cui Yu cultivar (TRES #13). This tea will please those who like soft green or light oolong tea. Fruity-berry flavor, oily (but not too much), w..
Assam Oolong Loose-Leaf Tea
This tea is made from old Assam trees from the forest. The average age of the trees is 300 years (though the age of some trees from this place can reach 800 years). The harvest of spring 2022 is proce..
2015 Cui Yu Oolong Tea
Cui Yu Oolong (means "green jade") is a Taiwanese hybrid at the Tea Research and Extension Station it received number TRES #13. The tea passed the first stage of maturity and in taste significantly..
2017 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea, gr A
Gives a pretty bright and thick floral taste. Floral density ends with tangy saltiness. The aroma of dry and washed tea leaves easily passes into the taste. Organoleptic properties of the tea are very..
2014 Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Medium Roasted, USDA Organic
This is another oolong tea in our store assortment, which is processed in the traditional Taiwanese style of Dong Ding. We have also a classic Dong Ding made according to all the traditional can..
Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons) Tea
This is lightly roasted and lightly oxidized oolong tea of high quality. Truly masterfully made Si Ji Chun (also known as Four Seasons tea). The glossy appearance of carefully rolled balls and the pow..
Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Premium
This is not just a winter harvest of Jin Xuan oolong. This is a special successful kind of Jin Xuan from one of our organic tea manufacturers.Bright and juicy berry caramel in the foreground..
Jin Xuan Oolong Tea gr. A, USDA Organic
This is a lightly roasted and lightly oxidized classical Jin Xuan Oolong tea. The aroma is bright, with berry and milk caramel notes. The taste is dense and oily. In the dominant are berries and..
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Oolong tea types and tastes guide

Classic light oolongs, such as Jin Xuan, Si Ji Chun, Ruan Zhi, or Cui Yu, are brewed in an infusion of light, golden-amber color. These kinds are lightly oxidized and mildly roasted. Our light oolongs have rich fruity, floral and caramel notes and a long oily aftertaste.

If you like baked notes along with the rich fruity taste, we’d recommend you to buy Dong Ding. This oolong type is medium oxidized and medium to high roasted. It typically has a dense and powerful taste with bready, buttery, nutty flavors to it. Interested? Check out our Dong Ding Tea from the best Dong Ding master in Thailand.

Moving to more oxidized oolongs in our shop, which have an infusion of a darker color, we should mention popular GABA teas. These are dark oolongs of light roast and medium oxidation level. GABA teas undergo a special oxidation process in an oxygen-free environment, which allows extracting gamma-amino-butyric acid. This acid is proven to have nootropic properties. You can buy few GABA oolongs in our online shop, they are all delicious and have different notes added to the typical GABA taste. The infusion is dark amber.

Many of our customers believe that the best oolongs to buy among highly oxidized types are those made from bug-bitten leaves. These teas are famous for their distinctive honey-sweet flavor, which is why this kind got its ‘Champagne oolong’ name or Oriental Beauty Tea.

The leaves of Oriental Beauties are attacked by the tea green leafhoppers. The insect’s bites start the oxidation process in leaves that are still on bushes. Along with the activation of the enzymes of the tea plant responsible for the release of flavoring substances, there is also the effect of the enzymes of the leafhoppers themselves, which also affects the chemical сomposition, aroma and taste of the tea. This results in that signature honey, muscatel taste.

There are two kinds of Oriental Beauty oolong tea, Gui Fei and Dongfang Meiren, they differ in the type of twist. You can buy both in our shop.

The aged 2014 Hong Shui is a vivid representative of a medium roasted and deeply oxidized, so-called ‘Red Water’ oolong tea. Therefore, it is perfect for black tea fans. But, unlike most black teas, here you will find powerful berry and spicy flavors: hints of cherries, strawberries, hazelnut, and cinnamon.

Years of storing also change the taste and if you like aged notes in oolongs, we have great options to offer. In our shop, you can buy aged oolongs from 10 years and older. One of our most favorite is 2006 Lao Cui Yu and the oldest one so far is 1995 Lao Qing Xin Oolong.

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Customer Reviews
2016 Hong Shui Oolong Tea, gr. A
2016 Hong Shui Oolong Tea, gr. A
Smell: Roasted Hay, Orange Peel, Cattails Taste: Orange Blossom and Rose petals. Floral and Sweet. Citrus and sour candy. Honey and Cinnamon. Nice balance and the flavors come in layers as you drink...
Ben, 26/01/2023
2019 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
2019 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
works well in western style brewing (regular way of making tea in the west, in a cup) a very nice darker Oolong that is comforting and tasty
n g, 30/12/2022
2022 Gaba Tea Exclusive, USDA Organic
2022 Gaba Tea Exclusive, USDA Organic
It's really good taste for this price. but I have an example of another gaba, premium one, and I like it much more for the flavor and smooth
Tatiana Chernysheva , 24/11/2022
2020 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea, USDA Organic
2020 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea, USDA Organic
It has a fairly strong floral flavour without bitterness. Reminds me of some bug bitten oolongs.
Vilofakis, 01/10/2022

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