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Pu-erhs TEA SIDE
It needs not much to be happy. It can be how the air smells on a certain day or a moment with a great cup of tea like in this case with some new sample tastings from north Thailand's Pu-erh TEA SIDE. Sometimes life is just a good ride on every side of your path. If those days meet and greet you with open arms just appreciate them as how they are. Don't ask why - Don't force anything - And don't question everything in your life. Just be in that very moment and live it. Most of the time we make our own life hard because of our selves. We can't just be within a good moment without thinking about what was or what might come. Fear because of what we went through and fear because of what might be around the next corner. Living that way we easily get lost not seeing the many good things around us. Smile and ask others around you how they are. Sometimes a small friendly gesture could change the world for someone out there :). Cheers everybody & may a wonderful day plus amazing tea be with you all!
Philipp @zerozen_artlab, Vienna
Thai tea
What is really cool about Thai tea... everybody notes and feels that it has a special effect. And It is so strong! Simply, everyone just had drunk tea and begun to laugh, communicate, etc. .. It clearly works and it does not feel like Chinese tea, which has a way more superficial effect, it sort of just invigorates and that's all. Here is more. And this is good.
Alexey Vlasov, , Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2016 "Dragon" Raw Pu-erh tea
I just tasted this puerh. It renders red berries, strawberry in a very first infusion followed by a sweet floral note. The texture turned smooth and sweet. Congratulations and thank you for keep making fantastic tea!
Tee Jongrak Kittiworakarn, Bangkok
2006 Lao Cui Yu Oolong Tea
I was very happy with this tea. It's exactly what I expect from an aged oolong from China or Taiwan. Complex, sweet and lingering, quite deep. I tasted caramel, raisins a little cinnamon. I didn't know what to expect and very pleasantly surprised.
Russell Smith,
2016 "Lord of the forest" 1000-year-old trees Myanmar
Wonderful opportunity and fantastic taste profile from 1st to 6th steep thus far. Long elegant leaves, and a deep plummy scent to the dry that translates to a softer more ripe plum in the wet. Will be featuring this tea in a article soon.
Gui Fei Oolong
Thanks for this very interesting tea. I love making oolong tea in a glass pot so I can watch the leaves open and dance around in the water. The taste is so pleasing and I feel very healthy and clear-headed. I will always come here for tea!
Robert Barteaux, Winnipeg, Canada
Jin Xuan Oolong
Great packaging! I've never had oolong before and this tea really piqued my interest to try more. Tastes great.
Margarita Magana, Norwalk, United States
2014 Hong Shui Oolong Tea
once again some of the best tea I've had, delicious, high quality, multiple infusions, so many flavours
Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Chin Shing Oolong
beautiful light refreshing floral tea, excellent quality, some of the finest tea i have had, delicious
Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Dong Ding Oolong
excellent quality tea, some of the best I have had, flavour is incredible, very rich, this is my favorite
Andrew Elward, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Si Ji Chun
Thank you, Valerii!
Judi Markert, Mentor On The Lake, USA
Ruby and Jiaogulan
Thanks for a great products!
Alex, Moscow
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