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Owing to the spread of global COVID-19 pandemic as well as suspension/reduction of flights a large number of destination countries all over the world, Thailand Post Co., Ltd. (THP) is necessary to suspend its national postal services to many destination countries with immediate effect and until further notice.

There are no available shipping methods and no free shipping option for some countries so far.

FREE shipping is now only available for Russia, China, South Korea, Thailand.

For the counties, where fast shipping methods are available, we offer a 50% discount on fast shipping on orders over 99 USD.

-50% on fast international shipping + 2 FREE samples on orders over 99 USD

Free shipping is now only available for Russia, China, South Korea, Thailand.

DHL delivery 50% discount on DHL delivery to Canada, Israel, Ukraine, USA on orders over 99 USD

All orders made in our store are shipped directly from our tea storage in Thailand. Shipping cost depends on the weight and direction and is calculated automatically in our store while ordering. It takes 1-3 working days to compile and send the order after payment. And then, based on our experience, shipping to the United States and Canada by E-Packet or AIR mail takes about 1,5 weeks. Shipping to Europe via SAL (Surface Air Lifted) usually takes 1-2 weeks, by normal AIR mail takes, on average, 1 week. Shipping to Asian countries and Australia usually takes 1 week.

We attach a tracking code to each order that allows you to follow all movements of the package. We have a special program for tracking all the packages in automatic mode.

Two FREE tea samples with every order over 60 USD

We have no minimum order amount. You absolutely can buy just 15 grams of tea to try. You can even make your 99$ order entire out of samples and get free shipping + two extra samples. And we add two free samples to every order over 60 USD. Please write to us which samples you would like to receive as a bonus. We can send any varieties except aged teas older than 20 years.

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Pu-erhs TEA SIDE
It needs not much to be happy. It can be how the air smells on a certain day or a moment with a great cup of tea like in this case with some new sample tastings from north Thailand's Pu-e ..
Thai tea
What is really cool about Thai tea... everybody notes and feels that it has a special effect. And It is so strong! Simply, everyone just had drunk tea and begun to laugh, communicate, et ..
2016 "Dragon" Raw Pu-erh...
I just tasted this puerh. It renders red berries, strawberry in a very first infusion followed by a sweet floral note. The texture turned smooth and sweet. Congratulations and thank y ..
2006 Lao Cui Yu Oolong Tea
I was very happy with this tea. It's exactly what I expect from an aged oolong from China or Taiwan. Complex, sweet and lingering, quite deep. I tasted caramel, raisins a little cinnamon. ..
2016 "Lord of the forest"...
Wonderful opportunity and fantastic taste profile from 1st to 6th steep thus far. Long elegant leaves, and a deep plummy scent to the dry that translates to a softer more ripe plum in the ..
Gui Fei Oolong
Thanks for this very interesting tea. I love making oolong tea in a glass pot so I can watch the leaves open and dance around in the water. The taste is so pleasing and I feel very health ..
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