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Here are the real pearls of our collection. White tea is the finest and the most delicate tea.

Just like pu-erh white tea is suitable for aging. It does not undergo high-temperature fixing, its leaves are carefully picked and naturally dried.

Such tea discovers the terroir and allows you to observe the diversity of tastes and aromas of each particular tea cultivar.

White tea easily forgives brewing mistakes and always ready to give a soft, magical taste.

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2020 White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ y.o. trees
A cake of white tea made in Yue Guang Bai style from sweet old trees aged from 300 to 500 years. As you see, the cake is not tightly pressed and has uneven, loose edges. We think such gentle pressin..
2020 Wild White Tea
This is the first time that Thai wild trees have appeared in our assortment. I’ve known about them for a long time, but it turned out to be not so easy to get the leaves. From the photos, you can..
2022 Silver Needle Tea Baihao Yinzhen
White tea Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen) from northern Thailand.Tea aroma is sweet and floral, with hints of mint candy. Sweetness easily passes from aroma to the taste. Infusion is pleasantly so..
2019 Moonlight White Tea
White tea is one of those types of tea that is valued both, aged and fresh. This is a classic fresh "Moonlight" - sweet, with subtle vanilla and floral notes.Material from old trees allows you to b..
2016 Silver Needle Aged White Tea Ancient Trees
Aged white tea is a rather rare tea in itself. Aged needles are even rarer. Aged needles from trees with an average age of 300 years are, without a doubt, a unique tea. I'll take it upon myself to pro..
2018 Moonlight White Tea
Moonlight is made from a special kind of old Thai trees with a sweet caramel flavor. The age of the trees is 300-500 years.This white tea has also another name, it is often pressed into cakes and call..
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2016 Silver Needle Aged White Tea Ancient Trees
2016 Silver Needle Aged White Tea Ancient Trees
At first, the fragrance is a feeling like sitting in a wooden chalet, in a coniferous forest high in the mountains, on an early summer morning. The smell of resin, pine needles, warmth, wet soil, fern...
Julia, 13/05/2022
2020 White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ y.o. trees
2020 White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ y.o. trees
Certainly rich. Once I got the timing right it was delicious. Really energizing and calming. Appreciate the "wild-ness".
danny, 15/03/2022
2020 Wild White Tea
2020 Wild White Tea
Super nice and light bodied. Just out of curioisity, Does the almost no caffine imply that this is from camellia talienses? I hear that varietal has zero caffeine. [Unfortunately, we cannot say to...
Dan, 07/03/2022
2020 Wild White Tea
2020 Wild White Tea
Great taste, everyday tea
Pavel Andreenkov , 24/02/2022

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