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Reward Points Program


Our Reward Points Program allows you to earn points when you buy tea or perform certain actions in our store. These actions are writing a review and subscribing to our newsletter.

Please register or log in to collect points

Once you register you will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at time of purchase towards the cost of your order.

Where to find the reward amount?

  • You earn 20 points for a newsletter subscription
  • You earn 10 points for a product review. Once per product.
  • You earn points for each item bought in our store. The points to be received for a product can be found on the product page. This number grows when you choose more weight or bigger quantities. You can also see your total points number for the whole order in the cart and on the checkout page.

The moment of getting rewarded

  • When you buy tea in our store accrual of reward points for logged-in customers happens immediately after the successful transaction.
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter or write a review points will appear in your balance just after you submit the form.

Check your points

After logging in, you can check your reward point balance and the history of your points on "Account > Reward Points".

Reward Points exchange rate

10 Points = 1 USD

You can use your points for the subsequent purchases at the checkout.
Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Valid forever, really?

Your received points do not expire. This means as long as our shop is working you can use them to pay for your tea here.

Enjoy your tea and shopping with us!

Reward Points Program - Buy, Earn, Redeem! | TEA SIDE


Customer Reviews
1996 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
1996 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
First time drinking an aged hong Thai Chang Pu-erh: It creates a relaxing warming body sensation, especially in the head & heart. Paires really well with jiangshui clay by adding more earthy notes. ...
Julian, 05/03/2023
2020 White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ y.o. trees
2020 White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ y.o. trees
Hay, vanilla, no astringency or bitterness. Ends with some floral and citrus notes. This tea surprised me quite a bit. It has a lot of light flavors that are distinct enough to be recognized.
Ben, 26/01/2023
2016 Hong Shui Oolong Tea, gr. A
2016 Hong Shui Oolong Tea, gr. A
Smell: Roasted Hay, Orange Peel, Cattails Taste: Orange Blossom and Rose petals. Floral and Sweet. Citrus and sour candy. Honey and Cinnamon. Nice balance and the flavors come in layers as you drink...
Ben, 26/01/2023
“Berryish” Green Tea
“Berryish” Green Tea
Berry forward with the flavors of cherry, currant, and strawberry. Earthy and vegetal notes in the background, like roasted asparagus. It has a slight bitterness when brewed in a western style, which ...
Ben, 26/01/2023
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