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2022 Gaba Tea Premium

2022 Gaba Tea Premium

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2022
Elevation: 1200 m
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
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This Thai Gaba premium quality has a potent, sweet floral aroma. In the taste, there are sweet plums and pears with typical GABA-tones. Even when the tea is over, It still keeps sweet floral bouquet that is characteristic of very expensive Taiwanese teas.

Thai Gaba tea is a natural product. It is produced from the whole oolong tea leaves of high quality, which are inherently rich in glutamic acid.

In the manufacturing process on the oxidation stage tea is placed in a special airtight tank with nitrogen gas and no oxygen, as a result of the glutamic acid GABA is generated. Using nitrogen instead of oxygen dramatically increases the level of this amino acid. So GABA-rich tea contains about 30-40 times more GABA then, for example, the ordinary green tea. It has unique healing properties and no side effects.

What is Gaba Tea

First Gaba tea was produced in Japan in 1987, and it still remains a very popular drink there, especially among schoolchildren and students as it promotes mental alertness. Its main active component from a medical point of view is a Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA). This amino acid is found in the human body and is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system, which is able to modify the properties of the postsynaptic membrane so that the cell's ability of excitation partially or completely suppressed. As a result, GABA improves the dynamics of neural processes in the brain, improves thinking abilities and memory, has a moderate psychostimulatory, anti-hypoxia and anticonvulsant effect.

Health Benefits of Gaba Tea

  • Lowers blood pressure, reduces the severity of symptoms caused by high blood pressure (dizziness, insomnia).
  • Reduces glucose level in the blood of diabetic patients.
  • Improves cardiovascular regulation.
  • Helps to prevent diseases caused by low GABA-level in plasma such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and menopause.
  • Reliefs stress, lowers anxiety.
  • Alleviates depression (which is predicted to be the second most common disease after cardiovascular diseases)
  • Helps cure alcoholism (alcoholics have decreased GABA-level in the blood), reduces withdrawal symptoms and hangover.
  • Stimulates mental processes, increases alertness and improves memory

Reviews (5)

As my friend said: this tea is much better than the GABA that I usually drink.

This is my very first GABA tea.
Aroma gives a soft smokiness, and a fruitiness on the palate that leans a tad floral.
The aftertaste is pear-like sweet, and I tasted no astringency nor bitterness with longer steeps.
Most definitely a medium-roasted oolong in flavour profile, but with more fruitiness than I expected.
I like how the 'roasted' aroma is gentle from the beginning, yet remains to stay consistent.
You will get to detect its smokiness a little more in later steeps, as the fruitiness starts to disappear.

Really like a top from Taiwanese farmers. No questions!

Almost the best GABA-oolong that I tried for a year. Intense, bright, clear. Not edgy and no fried flavor. Its notes reminded me the taste of Alishan, but there is no pungency/penetration - it is closer to the floral and fragrant GABA from the master Jack.

excellent quality at a bargain price

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