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2020 “Purple Joy” Wild Black Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2020
Cultivar: Wild tea (Ye-Sheng)
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Wild black tea from the heart of the Thai jungle, where tea trees grow among other plants in biodiversity and harmony.

“Purple joy” is twisted into elegant curls, brewed into a semi-dark amber infusion. It is more oxidized than light oolongs, but still not deep. As a result, it opens up with a powerful, multifaceted palette of flavors.

The aroma of warm tea brings out the whole row of associations. There is a coniferous forest, dried fruit compote (mainly apples), St. John’s wort, and meadow herbs.

The taste is clear, dense, and feels familiar from childhood: apple-coniferous sourness, grape flavors, St. John’s wort, and rosebay willow-herb.

An important moment to emphasize. This is a Ye-Sheng black tea (from wild tree), and it differs greatly from regular black tea (from cultural Assamica). It's quite a different flavor profile. Be prepared for an unusual taste if you haven’t tried wild varieties before.

While drinking, you might get the feeling it’s a herbal tea in your cup, with dried apples and a drop of grape juice, but not a pure single-tea-tree-leaf tea. The pleasant sourness of wild tea only enhances this picture.

100% organic jungle tea, like the bulk of our teas, holds lots of steepings. Drinks easily and smoothly.

As with any Ye-Sheng, there is no bitterness at all here. Over-brewed, this tea will only bring up compote density.

The aftertaste’s worth being specially noted. Oily and long-lingering, where grape seeds flavors beautifully weaved with coniferous-herbaceous tones. Oily and long-lingering, where grape seeds flavors beautifully weaved with coniferous-herbaceous tones.

“Purple joy” will leave you with the softest relaxation. You probably won't have problems with sleeping after drinking this tea at night, but you should check it yourself.

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There are some notes of cardade, dried berries and rose hips. Quite unusual.

If the tea legends are true (a leaf from the tree fell into a cup of hot water, the emperor tasted it and was delighted), then it began with this particular tea. The tea has a sweet aroma, which has dried apricots, white raisins, and plums under the hot sun. And even the taste is more like a delicate, warm compote of dried fruit, which is pleasant to drink on a warm summer evening and a cold winter morning. It leaves a feeling of coziness, warmth, and restores the mental balance.
A very pleasant tea in every way.

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