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2016 Thai Jungle Ancient Trees Raw Pu-erh Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2016
Elevation: 1500 m
Trees' age: 500+ y.o
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Warning: The extremely low fire of roasting. As a consequence, high acidity, but an unusual and wide flavor spectrum.

Thai Jungle wild pu-erh tea is made, in fact, from the same old trees as “Lord of the Forest” sheng, but from the Thai side. I am tempted to say that this is the same tea, especially since the terroir and the harvest year are the same. But this is a completely different tea. It is probably the most unusual tea in our assortment.

Rinsed and heated, the tea gives off an incredible tea palette: wood varnish, rosin, linseed oil, medicinal herbs against a background of something warm and sweet.

The taste is dense, with a high level of acidity. Oily-lacquery, woody tones with hints of sour berries like lingonberry and cranberry, fireweed, currant and lingonberry leaves.If you take fresh branches of willow that dated with eucalyptus, cold-press it and add a teaspoon of lingonberry jam, you might get something similar.

As the tea session proceeds, the acidy goes away, releasing warmth and sweetness, bringing a very special state.Good wild teas from old trees always have a special Qi. It is subtle, soft, and smooth. If I were to express it in three words, it would be: relaxation, serenity and positivity (high spirits). I drink this tea 80% for the condition and 20% for the unusual lacquer-wood taste.

The aftertaste of the tea is clear, oily-woody. Voluminous, warm, and pleasant.There is no bitterness in this tea at all, no matter how you brew it - old wild trees guarantee.

So, the tea is really unusual, although it completely stays within a “Ye-Sheng” framework. You can drink it at night, there is practically no caffeine in there. But, judging by the effect, there is a lot of L-theanine: tea soothes well, gently relaxes and lifts the mood. After a full session with this tea, everything becomes a little lighter, simpler, and clearer.

Steeped Leaves of Thai Wild Old Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea

Infusion of Thai Wild Old Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea

Reviews (3)

Very potent qi, and strong distinct taste that is very unique..
nice but different (also from Lord Of The Forest), so I'd recommend sampling first

Bouquet: Very ripe kinda fermented fruit flavor of cherries with a certain old leather vibe to it plus a very distinct dark Italian mountain forest honey crowned with dried figs and raisins. If you dig a little deeper a glimpse of its core reminds me of a car repair shop or better to say of car paint varnish but not in a bad or overall intense way.

Liquor: Taste-wise it is nearly as clear and similar as its scenting atmosphere foretold. Deep notes of sour cherry juice with notes on the front of old leather and dried fruits plus a certain raspy feel within your throat which leaves a very herbal minty kinda feel behind very unique and nothing I've experienced before. This buddy really developed in a totally different direction especially with its clearly sour profile it is something totally unexpected and very exciting

Brief (few seconds) steeps in 90 Celsius water.
Liquor is a very clear pale yellow hue.
Taste is herbal and woody, yet somewhat fruity at the same time.
Overall flavor is quite unusual, but there is no astringency nor bitterness.
The aftertaste does not have a typical sheng puerh sweetness.
Mouthfeel is slightly dry and sticky, encouraging salivation.
Wet leaves are pale green in color, giving off a fresh aroma similar to green berries.
This tea withstands many infusions.

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