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2020 Wild White Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Feb 2020
Elevation: 1000 m
Trees' age: > 500 yo.
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This is the first time that Thai wild trees have appeared in our assortment. I’ve known about them for a long time, but it turned out to be not so easy to get the leaves.

From the photos, you can understand how difficult access to such wild tea is. This white tea was harvested directly from these trees in February 2020. In fact, it’s the same terroir where “Lord of the Forest” grows but from the Thai side. The political border divides the area into Burmese and Thai parts.

The tea turned out to taste very interesting – soft, smooth, and light. Not as sour as Ye Sheng could be, but with gentle Qi, which only calms you and does not agitate at all. There is almost no caffeine, you can drink it at night.

It tastes somewhat reminiscent of linden blossom, willow tea, meadowsweet, St. John's wort, etc. There is a light honey sweetness, complemented by citrus notes.

I recommend it to those who love meadow herbs but are not averse to catching a subtle tea state: wild white tea gives pleasant relaxation, cheers up, and fills with optimism.

2020 Wild White Tea from Old Trees - Buy online | TEASIDE
2020 Wild White Tea leaves from Old Trees - Order online | TEASIDE

Reviews (5)

Super nice and light bodied. Just out of curioisity, Does the almost no caffine imply that this is from camellia talienses? I hear that varietal has zero caffeine.

[Unfortunately, we cannot say to which botanical variety this tea belongs. There are many wild tea varieties, Camellia Taliensis being only one of them. But definitely, the caffeine in this variety is much less than in the material from cultivated trees. TEASIDE Note.]

Great taste, everyday tea

Bouquet: Thick and unbelievably dense aroma with a mouthwatering ripe sweetness of dried figs, plums and raisins plus a certain ironing steaming dry cleaners store atmosphere to it. The difference is immediately up on front with its magical jungle ancient vibe to it. There is no denial that its source material is of extremely potent and high quality. With this dense ripe sweetness also comes a certain dark mountain forest honey layer to it which I very well know from Italian mountain regions but besides its natural compounds there is also gummy bitter sweet candy variety embedding itself into this magnificent scene in the name of licorice.

Liquor: Its juice is as thick and silky oily like its coloration resembles Nativa Olive oil right from the start (the green ones). Taste-wise we enter the same delightful and masterfully composed realm as its steaming celebration already foretold. Besides the massive front of orchestral greatness aka dried fruits you get also a certain wave of herbs and herbal field flowers like a gently layer of meadowsweet plus Linden blossom which is even more pronounced. And you can't oversteep this tea in any way. It literally never gets bitter. I absolutely adore this magnificent south Asian terrains with its potent jungle areas. There is a certain vibe, and spiritual energy within those leaves which is just so unique and a feeling I only get from wild jungle ancient trees

Nice herbal taste, relaxing tea. Caffine hinders my sleep, but this one calmed and made it easier to sleep. Excellent tea

I love Ye-Shengs and I like to drink white tea from time to time in the morning so this wild white is definitely an item into my collection of favorites from TeaSide, right next to the Lord. It has the same typical herbal-berryish profile as Lord, no extra-astringency or bitterness when over-brewed just a more intense taste.

It smells sourer than it tastes. By the taste, it is no doubt a white tea, elegant and gentle. Quite an oily mouthfeel. Very delicate effect. Seems like no caffeine indeed.

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