2016 "Lord of the forest" 1000-year-old trees Myanmar Raw Pu-erh tea

Origin: Myanmar
Harvest: spring 2016
Elevation: 1500 m
Availability: In Stock

Myanmar, 1500 m. Ancient tea trees, more than 1000 years old.

There is no need to write that it's a rare tea. Some Taiwanese tea houses redeem all this mao cha immediately after production and it does not arrive to tea market outside Myanmar and Taiwan.

Taste is unique, but in classic Ye-Sheng tea style. Dry leaves aroma has unusual notes of grape wine. Tastes like no other wild pu-erhs we know.

There are notes of wine, berry jam, plum, grapes and cut wildflowers. The finish has light and beautiful fresh peach.

Cha Qi effect: calm, contemplation, tranquility.

Reviews (4)

I like the concept and design! Wow!

Absolutely beautiful sheng with a pronounced effect. At first, I did not expect at all what would happen next. Soft and pleasant taste, very soothing and harmonizing. Brilliant :)

Yixin clay teapot, 180ml. The water is soft, reverse osmosis, structured. The temperature is 90-95. Tea is 10,7 gr.
I opened the pack: the smell is exotic. Dried crusts of citrus, a little floral notes with overflows.
In the warmed-up teapot appeared the smell of currant leaf, ittle spices and a little bit of tobacco.
Washed leaves smell is the same, but more impressive and dynamic.
First steep 7 sec: liquor is transparent as glass! Aroma: currant berries (red, white, black), the smell of birch spring leaf. The taste: birch sap, currant juice. Aftertaste: birch sap!
The second steep: the taste of kumquat peel, a little peach plus currant with sourness.
The third steep: fresh grass appeared (clover, currant leaf). The taste is sweetish-caramel.
Fourth. The taste of Morocco mandarin peel. The flavor became rounded.
Fifth: zest, crusts of citrus, the palette of grass has intensified, tea becomes more brutal-mature. Children's caramels are leaving, the maturity begins!
Sixth: a liquor of incomparable citrine color, absolutely transparent. You can admire it for a long time. Taste and smell become more mature, more like real puer.
And so on. The tea withstood 8 persistent steepings and began to give up quietly.
Condition: tea clears sight, quiet calm state, thoughts work clearly, fatigue from the heat has passed, all feelings are in harmony.
At the end: Elastic beautiful leaves.

The maocha absolutely knocked my socks off. Much better than I ever could have imagined. Huigan that persists through every infusion, and the flavor lingers for over an hour. So calming that it could put me right to sleep. The best example of single tree pu erh I've ever had.

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