2020 Thai Giant Single Tree Wild Tea, Oolong Style

2020 Thai Giant Single Tree Wild Tea Loose-leaf, Oolong Style

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2020
Trees' age: 1,300-1,500 y.o.
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This wild tea is collected from probably the oldest tree in Thailand. The estimated age is 1300-1500 years. The tree has already begun to crumble, it is difficult to say how many more years it will stand.

The leaf is harvested to order by members of the Lahu tribe who live in the jungle, in small villages. Getting such material and processing it so competently is a great success for a little local farm. They made the tea in oolong style and it was an excellent technological choice.

Warmed up, it gives off a powerful caramel-fruity aroma.

The taste is clean, crisp, dense, full-bodied, and balanced. Smooth and soft on the throat, without excess acidity. Drinks wonderfully. You can steep it endlessly.

The aftertaste is caramel-floral, moderately long.

In general, wild varieties are not as oily as cultivars and hybrids. A good marker is the stability of the foam of the infusion. In wild teas, the foam almost does not hold. Cultivated varieties of old trees grown on fertile land can keep foam indefinitely.

Nevertheless, one can observe a very long aftertaste in our Giant — probably the longest for a wild tea.

And in terms of the beauty of the palette, this material will not yield to anyone. Subtle, sensual floral, and fruity tones of nature itself. I'm at a loss for words, try it yourself and give us feedback.

The Qi effect. Don't expect a hit on the head, this is not about wild tea. But if you are experienced enough, then by the middle of the session, you will definitely find yourself calmed and cleansed. This is about our wild tea from a giant tree.

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Sweet, gentle and mild tea. Definitely from the ancient tree.

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