About Us

The concept:

  • Here is not just a casual tea assortment, we offer an alive and thoroughly selected collection of tea, with no accidental or accessory items -
  • Because we feel organoleptic properties and know tea production technology. Some kinds of tea we make ourselves.
  • You will not find in our store tea with pieces of fruit and flower petals. You will not find blends. Only pure tea leaves with no flavoring.
  • Our tea is really rare. We offer unique specimens from the countries of the Golden Triangle - Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. Most of our teas cannot be found elsewhere.

Tea is our passion and food.
Our spirituality and medicine.
Tea is our profession.

Customer Reviews
2013 Purple Leaf Myanmar Raw Pu-erh Tea
2013 Purple Leaf Myanmar Raw Pu-erh Tea
This sheng is very different in taste from other sheng teas I've tried. It has a bold fruity note, more to stone fruits, right upfront. But it also comes with a hint of spice. There is an apparent ...
rudi hermawan, 15/06/2021
2020 Gaba Tea Premium
2020 Gaba Tea Premium
This is my very first GABA tea. Aroma gives a soft smokiness, and a fruitiness on the palate that leans a tad floral. The aftertaste is pear-like sweet, and I tasted no astringency nor bitterness ...
rudi hermawan, 11/06/2021
Assam Oolong Tea
Assam Oolong Tea
Nice and light. There is a slight tartness/astringency with a sweet after taste. A little floral and a little fruity. Though it has a light aroma and taste, it has a medium-body mouth feel. Somewh...
rudi hermawan, 09/06/2021
2014 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium
2014 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium
This tea tastes just like a Taiwanese black tea. You will not think of Oolong tea if you drink this without seeing the rolled dried leaves. It gives an aroma of brown sugar sweetness, with no astrin...
rudi hermawan, 08/06/2021
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