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2016 “Chasing Spring” Raw Pu-erh Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2016
Trees' age: 300-700 y.o.
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"A night magical spring forest promises some unusual moods. The red wolf is chasing spring."

We put this tea into Sheng Pu-erh section, however, there is some compromise here. The material was processed with deviations from the norms for pu-erh maocha production. The leaves were oxidized more strongly, in oolong style; but heating and final drying on the sun were made according to the classical technology for further pressing and storing.

The tea has been stored in our dry warehouse since spring 2016. It has interestingly changed since then and we decided to release these cakes in a small experimental edition.

Material from ancient trees, 300-700 years old, sweet-leaf variety.

Aroma: sweet dark plum, apples, fruit caramel, wood sap, cinnamon.

Flavor: fruit caramel, sweet red apples, plum, dried apricots, wood sap, and chocolate.

Aftertaste is fruity-woody, with light notes of chocolate.

The cover designed by a Russian artist from St. Petersburg, Irina Verner

Reviews (3)

This sheng was one of the samples I ordered from TS.
Dry leaves smell contains fruit notes, early morning flowers fragrance, sweet aroma.
Brewed liquor is rich gold color, with a smooth and mouth refreshing taste. Notes of berries, There is no astringency or bitterness noticeable, at least with a short flushes which I prefer for sheng Pu'er.

Very pleasant to drink and you could expect at least 10-12 steepings of rich and aromatic liquor. Great for afternoon tea sessions.

The one sheng I can drink in copious amount at one sitting, just like the way I drink oolong.
Slightly fruity, slightly floral, a low amount of astringency, with a sweet after taste and aroma.
Wet leaves smell woody and brunt caramel-like.
This is certainly different from most sheng puerhs I've tasted, as it doesn't feel like I'm drinking sheng puerh at all. I want more.

one of the most irregular teas from tea-side, and they have plenty unique teas!

This one really has a STRONG Oolong taste!
I know processing makes a huge difference, but I've never thought I'd drink a puer that tastes like an Oolong !
I'm almost tempted to buy a cake just to see how it'll age..

other then the tastem, the mouthfeel is nice and there are enough steeps..
(5 stars for value)

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