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“Wild Mango” Green Tea, gr. C

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2022
Elevation: 1300 m
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Wild organic green tea from Thailand, made from the second and third leaves.

This tea has been awarded the Gourmet Medal at the AVPA’s annual tea competition in Paris in 2022 in the category “green tea with weak buds”.


This variety of trees grows only in one area in Thailand, it is well-read organoleptically and can be identified as a standalone kind–in no other places have I met this flavor. The trees grow on a slope in real biodiversity, on nonagricultural land, this is 100% organic tea.

Our Assam oolong is made from the same kind of trees and by the same farmers. Generally, making oolongs from Assam bushes is not a very good idea, but these trees are fitting as an exception. And the producers are definitely the best masters of green tea in Thailand.

Organoleptic properties

In the aroma of washed tea, two main melodies are easy to notice: fresh green mango and tomatoes. Thanks to tomatoes, by the way, it is very reminiscent of Biluochun.

The flavor is powerful, and intense: fresh tropical fruit, mango, herbal notes, caramel, and oolong shades.

Since this tea is from old trees, it withstands boiling water, although cooling it down a few degrees will help you to reveal the secret, delicate side of the tea.

Over time, this tea will become more and more reminiscent of sheng pu-erh, with beautiful dried fruit melodies. So there's no risk in buying here–the tea won't go bad. We have some from the batch of 2017 left on stock to compare.

The material is rich, so the tea steeps endlessly.

The effect is not weak either - relaxing, soothing and mind-gathering.

Reviews (4)

One of the best green teas I've ever tried. The description above fits my impression of it perfectly (minus tomato notes:) It has the creaminess of high-mountain oolongs and is fruity like no other green tea. On later steepings, the taste reminds of a young yet well-balanced sheng pu-erh. Unlike many other green teas, this one easily withstands multiple infusions without losing taste or complexity. And all of this is followed by the long, mouthwatering finish. All in all, this tea is nothing short of amazing.

A very unusual green tea made from organic raw materials harvested from wild trees. The name "Wild Mango" reflects the essence of the tea. I recommend that you begin your introduction to the tea with the aroma from the heated teapot before brewing. The aroma and flavor of mango, the first tomatoes of July, plus this will be intertwined with the creamy tones of oolong.

For the first steeps, I cooled the water, gradually increasing the temperature. On the second thermos (0.7 liters) brewed with boiling water and the tea became more like sheng pu-erh.
Will definitely order this tea again!

This tea is extremely bitter and astringent. I recommend keeping your water temp below 75C/170F and only steep for a minute max. The flavor is very light, but you can make our some honey , earthy, and seaweed notes that hit before the bitterness.

Comment from TEASIDE:
First of all, this is a classic green tea from the trees - the way it should be, which is confirmed not only by Chinese specialists but also by European tea experts.
Any green tea requires careful brewing and water temperature - 70-90 C.
Recommendations for brewing time don't work without specifying the amount. Any loose tea can be brewed by infusion (Western method) or steeping.
We drink tea the Chinese way, by steeping. In this case, the proportions of tea to water used are 1:20. The exposure time is 5-10 seconds.
On later steeps, you can increase the time to 15-20 seconds.
For the Western method, you should take 2 grams of tea per 250-300 ml and infuse for 1-2 minutes, depending on the taste.

The tea pleasantly surprised me by the first sip. There is absolutely no astringency and bitterness. The brains feel right away that this is not an ordinary green tea.

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