Wild Jungle Green tea, gr. A

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: August 2017
Elevation: 1300 m
Availability: In Stock

Wild green tea, premium grade (two leaves and a bud) from jungles.

The aroma is complex, in the dominant there is a mixed berry jam (strawberry, currant), sea-buckthorn.

The taste is deep, berry-floral and oily. Very long aftertaste. Strong like a good pu-erh due to the material.

This is a Thai forest tea so the leaves it is made from are traditionally picked up from ancient trees, basically, 200-500 year-old.

And when we announce forest, it means real forest, where tea trees grow wildly, as is, among other trees and bushes. Neither plantations, nor even gardens.

The harvesting in there is quite hard and laborious. But as the result you get a real, live organic tea.

This green tea was roasted manually in a wok, right on the edge of the jungle in a small tea hut.

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