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“Berryish” Green Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2021
Trees' age: about 300y.o.
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Loose green tea from old trees with a berryish flavor.

The aroma of the rinsed and warmed-up leaves comprises strawberry and currents, apple and sea buckthorn jam, lingonberry leaf. It is rich and vibrant, instantly causes salivation.

The taste is classic, powerful, and elegant, with melodies of Mao Fen and Bi Luo Chun. Various berry tones here are intertwined with the light astringency of a freshly cut branch. The main profile is made of currants, lingonberries, strawberry jam, and apples.

This is a fragrant and heady tea from old trees. It is as oily as a good oolong and holds a huge amount of steeps.

The tea, in general, is not capricious, but, like any green tea, it requires accuracy and care when brewing.

If you want to enjoy the top subtle notes for a longer time, then we advise you to use cooler water, about 70-80ºC. However, the material from large trees allows to brew it like a young sheng: boiling water and quick steeps.

And regardless of the brewing method, relaxation and alertness are guaranteed.

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Berry forward with the flavors of cherry, currant, and strawberry. Earthy and vegetal notes in the background, like roasted asparagus. It has a slight bitterness when brewed in a western style, which isn't bad, but it is much more balanced when you brew it a few times gongfu. I actually enjoyed the later steeps more with this tea.

A very pleasant tea. The flavor is the perfect mix of a deep earthy green tea and the sweetness of cherry, currant, and blackberry. There is a slight astringency that pairs well with how sweet the berry notes are. The flavors and balance of the tea holds up well through multiple steeps. Very reminiscent of the deep, floral, and sweet notes in a high mountain oolong.

This beautiful smell of dried strawberries and sweet berries, with a great, refreshing herbaceous bitterness is just gorgeous. It is most reminiscent of Mao Feng.

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