Steamed Green Tea Loose-leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2019
Elevation: 1300 m
Trees' age: 300 y.
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For this tea, we used Japanese traditional technology for steamed green tea but adapted it to the specifics of the material from old trees. It took several experiments to figure out the optimum steaming depth in order to remove the astringency of a powerful pu-erh leaf but to preserve the freshness and aroma of light and delicate green tea.

This green turned out less capricious than Japanese varieties, with its original organoleptic properties.

The aroma is sweet, appleish and floral. On the palate is a beautiful, whole and full-bodied mix of fruity-floral tropical notes. In the foreground are apples, plumeria and a bouquet of garden flowers. The finish is sweet and oily. The infusion is light, transparent, with a light green tint.

We recommend brewing this tea by short steepings for 3-5 seconds, using soft water. The temperature is about 80 degrees. If you apply these parameters, the tea will hold many infusions remaining soft in taste and won’t show any bitterness.

Steamed Green Tea from Thailand - Tea Ceremony

Steamed Green Tea from Thailand - Infusion

Steamed Green Tea from Thailand - Steeped Leaves

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