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Sun Dried Green Tea Loose-leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2019
Elevation: 1200 m
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This is an unusual organic green tea from old Thai trees of rare cultivar, aged 300-500 years.

This sun-dried tea is the author's solution and does not fit into the classical Chinese classification. It combines the technology of traditional Yunnan green tea from trees and white tea processing.

This green tea can be used as a material for pressing and long-term storage - in other words, as mao cha for the production of sheng puer tea. But we decided to offer it as it is, loose and fresh.

This Thai green tea, when brewed, shows a tender character of white tea. The taste is light, floral with notes of caramel and berry jam. Invigorating, but not intrusive, and quite serious tea, which can interest the most demanding tea audience.

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I was fascinated by this tea. It is more like a good shen pu-erh with hints of white tea. Very high quality. I ordered more because I immediately fell in love with this tea. Thanks to everyone involved in this miracle.

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