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2006 Thai-Menghai Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh Tea Cake
The uniqueness of this tea is in its story. This Ripe Pu-erh is made of Thai trees (200-700-year-old) material but fermented and pressed in Yunnan (Menghai) and brought back to Thailand for storage. ..
$120.00 $90.00
2012 Chun Xiang Myanmar-Menghai Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
Shu pu-erh made from Burmese material, fermented in Menghai in 2012. The trees are 70-100 years old from Nam Pa Ka Mountain in Myanmar. This is a classic matured ripe pu-erh tea from trees, the ty..
$95.00 $85.50
2013 Hong Tai Chang High Grade Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh Tea
High-grade ripe pu-erh cake from the Ming Dee Thai factory. As always, only old trees! Pressed in 2013, years of aging in Thai mountains. However, its maturity is not why we fell in love with it.Unlik..
$80.00 $68.00
2018 Honey Black Tea Bug-bitten, Loose Leaf
A flavorful black tea, not a simple one, but bitten and aged. Harvested in May 2018’s from Jin Xuan Oolong bushes, bug-bitten leaves. As you can see, there are buds here, which is rare for the blac..
$12.00 $10.20
2020 Gui Fei Oolong Premium Tea
Take the “tropical fruit” caramel, berry jam, a spoonful of fragrant honey, and a fresh peach pit, straight from the peach. Ok, great, you've got our new Gui Fei. This bug-bitten oolong is brew..
$13.00 $10.40
2020 Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea, USDA Organic
Want to try a Taiwanese Oolong variety that is nearly impossible to find in Taiwan? Thailand provides this opportunity. We are talking about hybrid Ruan Zhi (Chinese for ‘Soft Stem’), which..
$10.00 $8.00
2021 Dong Ding Oolong Tea
This Dong Ding is made by an experienced master. I would even say, the best Dong Ding master in Thailand, whose name we keep secret. This year he’s made a surprisingly balanced tea that is hard to fin..
$10.00 $8.00
2022 Darjeeling Style Tea Loose-Leaf, Light Oxidation, USDA Organic
It is, without exaggeration, a unique tea for Thailand. I’m pretty sure, at this moment, this kind is only available at one factory (and here). Despite the outward resemblance to Dongfang Meiren, th..
$14.00 $11.90
2022 Gaba Tea Exclusive, USDA Organic
Unique gaba oolong made according to classical technology when air is replaced with nitrogen during oxidation. The distinct acidity indicates a high GABA content, which is becoming rare in modern gaba..
$12.50 $10.60
2022 Gaba Tea Premium
This Thai Gaba premium quality has a potent, sweet floral aroma. In the taste, there are sweet plums and pears with typical GABA-tones. Even when the tea is over, It still keeps sweet floral bouquet t..
$10.50 $8.90
2022 Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
This tea is masterfully processed. The flashes are solid and neat. By roasting in stages with a pause of several days, the master achieved softness and evenness of the taste without excessive greenery..
$6.00 $5.10
Dongfang Meiren Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Tea, USDA Organic
Oriental Beauty tea is a medium-fermented oolong made of bug bitten leaves. Dong Fang Mei Ren is a long twisted version of Beauty, which can also be rolled into hemispheres - such tea is called Gui F..
$13.80 $11.73
1988 Yuen Neun Hong Tai Chang Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
The original old sheng from the famous brand Hong Tai Chang. Delivered directly from the warehouse of the factory, where it was produced and stored since 1988. It’s already more than 30-year-old pu-er..
$640.00 $544.00
1996 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
A unique aged shu pu-erh from an old Thai factory that makes tea according to the traditions of the famous brand Hong Tai Chang. The material is from trees aged 200-500 years. By the way, a real HTC c..
$248.50 $211.58
2004 Yuen Neun Hong Tai Chang Raw Puerh Tea Old Trees
Aged high mountain raw pu-erh tea from old tea trees, produced in 2004 in Thai factory under the famous Сhinese brand Hong Tai Chang. The trees are grown in Chiang Rai Province in the north of Thai..
$160.00 $136.00
2014 Myanmar-Menghai Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh Tea Cake
Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh tea made from Myanmar old tea trees (gushu pu-erh tea). Fermented in 2014 in Yunnan (Menghai).This shou has surprisingly transparent infusion for its age.Taste matches the infusion ..
$75.00 $63.70
2019 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic
This red water oolong (technically, red tea made from oolong material) is from the same master as the 2014 Hong Shui.Why is there such a gap of five years?Potentially powerful tea samples from promisi..
$11.80 $10.00
2020 Thai Giant Single Tree Wild Tea Loose-leaf, Oolong Style
This wild tea is collected from probably the oldest tree in Thailand. The estimated age is 1300-1500 years. The tree has already begun to crumble, it is difficult to say how many more years it will st..
$38.00 $34.20
White Tea Cake YGB, 300+ years old trees
A cake of white tea made in Yue Guang Bai style from sweet old trees aged from 300 to 500 years. As you see, the cake is not tightly pressed and has uneven, loose edges. We think such gentle pressin..
$60.00 $51.00
Wild White Tea 2020  - Buy Online
This is the first time that Thai wild trees have appeared in our assortment. I’ve known about them for a long time, but it turned out to be not so easy to get the leaves. From the photos, you can..
$23.00 $19.55
2020 “Purple Joy” Wild Black Tea
Wild black tea from the heart of the Thai jungle, where tea trees grow among other plants in biodiversity and harmony. “Purple joy” is twisted into elegant curls, brewed into a semi-dark amber inf..
$11.00 $9.35
2021 Reserve Raw Pu-erh Tea From Big Trees
These are all the same Thai trees - fruity, juicy, lively, 100% organic, and a little brutal in the Bulan Shan style. This is a guaranteed material - only from big, about 500-year-old trees. I didn't ..
$85.00 $72.20
Butterfly Pea Tea, Clitoria Ternatea, Thai Blue Tea
Latin (botanical) name of Butterfly Pea – Clitoria Ternatea. The plant is also known as Butterfly Bean, Blue Pea, Blue Tea, Aparajita flower, Conch flower, Sangupushpam (Tamil name). Clitoria Ternat..
$5.90 $3.54
Lahu Loose Leaf Green Tea, Pu Muen
Loose green tea made by Lahu tribe farmers from Pu Muen mountain garden. It is 1300 m above sea level and the trees are relatively young, about 50 years old. Sweet and fruity like oolong. Sustainable..
$8.00 $6.40
“Berryish” Loose-leaf Green Tea
Loose green tea from old trees with a berryish flavor. The aroma of the rinsed and warmed-up leaves comprises strawberry and currents, apple and sea buckthorn jam, lingonberry leaf. It is rich and..
$12.00 $10.20
2006 Hong Tai Chang 0802 Raw (Sheng) Pu-erh Tea Cake
Very well aged 2006 raw pu-erh tea of Hong Tai Chang brand. Province of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, 1300 meters. The material is from leaves of ancient and wild trees, 200-700-year-old. ..
$170.00 $144.50
2006 Hong Tai Chang 0803 Raw (Sheng) Puer Tea Cake
Old raw (sheng) pu-erh tea from the Thai factory that produces pu-erhs under the name Hong Tai Chang. The tea is made by a Chinese master, a native of Yunnan. He has been making Pu-erhs for more than..
$144.50 $122.83
2007 Ming Dee Hong Tai Chang Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
Semi-aged raw pu-erh tea from the Ming Dee factory. Among other Thai 2000’s pu-erhs, this one is a completely original tea with a unique flavor profile. Amazing how they achieve such a strong differen..
$170.00 $144.50
2013 Hong Tai Chang Ming Dee Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
2013 Raw Pu-erh tea of Hong Tai Chang brand from Ming Dee Thai factory. In comparison with other 2013 shengs from our assortment, this one feels more mature than the rest. The explanation is simp..
$110.00 $93.50
2013 Mae Nam Khun Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh Tea Cake
Even though this cake looks like Chinese pu-erh tea, don’t let a custom-made cover misguide you. The material for this shu was harvested in the forests of Chiang Rai (northern Thailand) and ferme..
$98.00 $83.30
2016 “Gipsy Crow” Raw (Sheng) Pu-erh Tea Cake
Old trees raw pu-erh tea. The age of the trees is 300 years, more or less. Chiang Rai, Thailand.Sweet red apples, dried apricots, and bitter herbs form the main taste of this sheng pu-erh.Beautiful, e..
$70.00 $59.50
2021 Gaba Assam Black Tea Rolled
If you liked our rolled Assam tea, GABA Assam will probably be to your liking as well. As it happens, GABA teas are most often made from oolong material. And this is, in fact, for a good reason. Oolo..
$9.00 $7.20
2022 Silver Needle Tea Premium, Big Trees
The first impressive thing about this white tea is the exterior. Fat, furry needles, with a thick middle. I’ve never come across this variety before. For comparison, 2016 Needles are long and thin, wi..
$20.00 $17.00
1993 Liu Bao Hei Cha
Loose-leaf Liu Bao dark tea (Hei Cha) from 200-300-year-old trees, fermented in 1993. Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. Altitude is about 1400 meters above sea level. It’s the same place where t..
$35.00 $29.70
2018 "Idle Buffalo" Purple Myanmar Craft Ripe Pu-erh Tea
Craft shu pu-erh made from the material from 100-200-year-old Myanmar purple trees, harvested in 2013. I fermented a small butch in Chiangmai, in November 2018. Tea turned out to be very distinctive i..
$17.00 $15.30
“Wild Mango” Green Tea, gr. C
Wild organic green tea from Thailand, made from the second and third leaves. This tea has been awarded the Gourmet Medal at the AVPA’s annual tea competition in Paris in 2022 in the category “gree..
$10.00 $8.50
Thai Jungle Ancient Trees Raw Pu-erh Tea
Warning: The extremely low fire of roasting. As a consequence, high acidity, but an unusual and wide flavor spectrum.Thai Jungle wild pu-erh tea is made, in fact, from the same old trees as “Lord of t..
$27.50 $20.60
2016 "Lord Of The Forest" Wild Pu-erh Tea Myanmar Old Trees
Wild raw pu-erh tea from Myanmar, 1500 m. Ancient tea trees, more than 1000 years old.There is no need to write that it's a rare tea. Some Taiwanese tea houses redeem all this mao cha immediately..
$42.50 $36.13
2018 Bitter Leaf Raw Pu-erh Tea, 500 y.o. trees
Raw pu-erh tea made from Thai bitter leaf of 500 y.o. tea tree material (ku cha). This sheng does not resemble Bulang, nor Lao Man Er, nor other Chinese regions. But that is how I describe the organol..
$17.50 $14.00
2022 Ancient Trees Organic Black Tea N6, Loose Leaf
Classical black tea from the old tea trees of northern Thailand. The factory is certified according to the USDA Organic standard.In the strong taste of this tea, you can find dried fruits, light caram..
$8.00 $6.00
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