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Wild Jungle Green tea, gr. B
This is another grade of Thai jungle forest green tea. Unlike the most expensive best quality grade, there are fewer tips and a third leaf presents here. This adds "earthiness" to the tea and makes it..
$9.00 $7.20
Wild Jungle Green tea, gr. C
Wild high mountain organic green tea from Thailand. Unlike the more expensive jungle teas of grade A and grade B, this one has almost no buds. It is made from the second and third leaves. This is an..
$7.00 $5.60
Dong Ding Oolong Tea, lightly roasted
Lightly roasted Dong Ding oolong tea.Dry tea smells fresh, fruity and sweet. Rinsed leaves give more fruit then biscuits in aroma. However, light fruity flavor is complemented by creamy notes in the b..
$9.00 $7.20
2018 Ruan Zhi Black Tea, gr. A
Black tea from Ruan Zhi Oolong leaves.Tea captivates with its freshness and softness. It is very carefully oxidized and roasted, so it is brewed into an infusion of oolong amber color. Has an oily fl..
$11.00 $9.40
2016 Assam Burmese Black Tea gr. B
Assam Black tea from Myanmar (Burma).This is an inexpensive and simple black tea for daily use. It is pretty well roasted, but not enough for be treated as high-fire tea. The foreground taste is domin..
$6.00 $4.80
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