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There is green tea in every tea shop, but good green tea continues to be a great rarity.

In our store we follow the principle “better fewer, but better”. Here are only pure high-quality organic green teas. Wild forest tea tree cultivars, manually produced in small homey factories at the foot of the mountains, just near the place where the leaves were harvested.

Green tea can be very tasty. But this is one of the most difficult to understand types of tea. It requires the utmost concentration when brewing and a calm, attentive perception of its delicate taste and aroma.

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Lahu Loose Green Tea, Pu Muen
Loose green tea made by Lahu tribe farmers from Pu Muen mountain garden. It is 1300 m above sea level and the trees are relatively young, about 50 years old. Sweet and fruity like oolong. Sustainable..
Steamed Green Tea Loose-leaf
For this tea, we used Japanese traditional technology for steamed green tea but adapted it to the specifics of the material from old trees. It took several experiments to figure out the optimum steami..
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. C
Wild high mountain organic green tea from Thailand.Unlike the more expensive jungle teas of grade A and grade B, this one has almost no buds. It is made from the second and third leaves.This is an eve..
Sun Dried Green Tea Loose-leaf
This is an unusual organic green tea from old Thai trees of rare cultivar, aged 300-500 years. This sun-dried tea is the author's solution and does not fit into the classical Chinese classification. I..
Matcha Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea Powder made from Ruan Zhi Oolong leaves,Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. I must say right away, it is not very similar to the Japanese. It is simpler but has its own intere..
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. A
Wild green tea, premium grade (two leaves and a bud) from jungles. The aroma is complex, in the dominant, there is a mixed berry jam (strawberry, currant), sea-buckthorn. The taste is deep, berry-flor..
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. B
This is another grade of Thai jungle forest green tea. Unlike the most expensive best quality grade, there are fewer tips and a third leaf presents here. This adds "earthiness" to the tea and makes i..
Green Assam Tea
Loose green tea from 40 year-old Assam bushes. Hand-picked from high mountains in the north of Thailand. This tea possesses a pronounced aroma of green apples and grapes with a bouquet of flower tone..
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Customer Reviews
Lahu Loose Green Tea, Pu Muen
Lahu Loose Green Tea, Pu Muen
Sweet and fruity taste and fruity (apricots) smell. It reminds yo oolong teas
Laura M. , 15/01/2020
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. A
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. A
Be careful with this one! This is a very good tea, but delicate. On first try, I used 6g leaves, 200ml pot, 80c water, for 30 seconds, my typical green tea parameters. I found the tea quite bitter,...
Callisto Tea House, 08/11/2019
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. C
Wild Jungle Green Tea Loose-leaf, gr. C
The tea pleasantly surprised me by the first sip. There is absolutely no astringency and bitterness. The brains feel right away that this is not an ordinary green tea.
Anatoly, 16/06/2018
Matcha Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea Powder
The first time I tried this kind of tea. From the first sip I got strongly affected. Real tea. Very good.
Anatoly, 19/01/2018

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