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Green Assam Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2017
Elevation: 1100m
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Loose green tea from 40 year-old Assam bushes. Hand-picked from high mountains in the north of Thailand.

This tea possesses a pronounced aroma of green apples and grapes with a bouquet of flower tones.

The taste has a slightly tart sourness. Madeira or Sherry flavor is clearly recognisable on the background.

Inexpensive green tea for every day. It is well suited for both working hours and Saturday mornings - perfectly invigorates and fills with freshness.

Reviews (4)

A pleasant, refreshing and invigorating green tea. The aroma of fruits and cereals, mild taste with light acidity. Brewed with little-cooled water, about 85 degrees. Went well in Sichuan style (drink tea directly from gaiwan).

I’m pleasantly surprised by this tea. As was noted here, it resembles sheng puer. There is no bitterness and astringency, which usually appears when the green tea is oversteeped. The effect is pretty good.

By the taste this tea is very similar to young Pu’er, with the only one difference - it does not have bitterness and excessive tartness inherent in the unaged shengs. By the effect, it is softer than shengs. The taste is fruity-floral, with a smoked note - very gentle and unobtrusive. If you make a light infusion, then you can easily drink it just before bedtime. In the store SkaFunDr (St. Petersburg), we drink this tea during the evening classes of kundalini yoga.

Very pleasant, summer fragrance, the smell of fruit.

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