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2021 Reserve Raw Pu-erh Tea. Guaranteed Harvest From Big Trees.

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2021
Elevation: >1000m
Trees' age: 500+ y.o.
Availability: In Stock
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These are all the same Thai trees - fruity, juicy, lively, 100% organic, and a little brutal in the Bulan Shan style. This is a guaranteed material - only from big, about 500-year-old trees. I didn't manage to buy it in '19, in 2020 the emphasis was on oolongs, and now we have '21 harvest in our possession.

The material is roasted in an old-school style, which means the wok is not too hot (250-300ºC). It’s 80% done (100% is green tea) to create storage potential for quality aging.

By the way, it is precisely because of these 100 percents, green tea is easier to drink than fresh raw pu-erh.

What is the major difference from the other Thai trees? This material is most prone to develop sweet dried fruit tones. Dried apricots, dates, sweet red dried apples are already clearly present in it — and all this will flourish with every year of aging. I have the proof for that – a few cakes from 2018. Back then I decided to keep them for myself, and now I understand what for.

I’ll add a 20-gram sample of 2018 tea to each 2021 cake bought so you can trace the development and understand what will happen to this sheng in the future.

A guaranteed 500+ y.o. trees harvest is obviously more expensive than regular mix with 100 - 200 y.o. trees, but since the tea is young, it remains affordable. The price will go up with time, so I definitely recommend buying it now for aging - hence the name.

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Shows potential, and as usual high value compared to young sheng from Yunan
I'm also keeping an eye to how it matures over the next years..

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