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2018 Mae Hong Son Raw Pu-erh Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2018
Elevation: 1500 m
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This Pu-erh is made of the spring 2018 harvest collected from the unique ridge trees in the Mae Hong Son area at an altitude of 1500 m. The average age of trees is 400-500 years.

Access to this material is extremely difficult, so it is limited in quantity and its cost is high. This sheng is very different in taste from the other young pu-erhs presented in our store. The nobility and refinement of its taste are comparable to those of Chinese pu-erhs from Bing Dao region. In a rich, but at the same time classic flavor of tea, you can find milk caramel, toffee, a multifaceted palette of sweet floral scents and honey fruit notes.

Among the last ones you can, probably, identify sweet and sour mango and plum.

In the taste, there is the light herbaceousness of the young pu-erh, richly decorated with floral caramel, sweet plum, and flowery honey.

The aftertaste is long and oily, with floral tones.

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Bouquet: Its steaming atmosphere spreads out a wave of such deliciousness expressing itself in notes of dried dates and figs plus an overall windfall fruit vibe to it. But there is also already a certain aged vibe to its character of in old leather wrapped books and aged Oud plus a final hint of a roasted nuance like a fine Italian smoked Cranberry Ham. Talking about Italian which profile at many times hit my senses with those Thai Pu's is a certain Mountain deep forest dark honey vibe.

Liquor: Its texture is silky creamy soft with such a vibrant dried fruity aspect of figs and dates to it plus the former named ripe fruit vibe now even more clear in its unfolding of pickled Asian Nashi Pears. Within the echo you can experience the elegant dance of the former named Italian Cranberry smoked ham. Besides everything else former named is as present as it was within its steaming mist. From the aged Oud and leather up to the Italian dark forest honey. This is pure greatness and so different but yet also similar to Yunnan Pu-erh.

Brief steeps (few seconds) in 90 Celsius water.
The liquor looks clear with a dark golden hue in color tone, close to amber.
The taste is light with a fruity note and a floral aftertaste.
Mouthfeel is slightly dry, with no astringency nor bitterness.
Wet leaves are a mix of olive green and bronze in coloring, giving off a fruity aroma similar to dried stone fruit.
This tea withstands many infusions.

Unmistakably a wild puer, and a good one.
If you haven't tried wild puer yet than try this one and the Lord Of The Forest,
as they are both very high quality representatives.
This isn't to say they are standard for yeshang, as you wouldn't find something quite the same in China,
but yesheng in general in a little crazy..

pricing is right, as Lord Of.. is clearly higher quality, but this one isn't far behind!

[Still, this sample is not ye-sheng in the usual sense. Organoleptically, it is much closer to cultivated trees. Although the material was collected in the wild forest and notes of wild tea are present here. Note TEA SIDE]

Bouquet: Breathtaking from the first moment on! Massively deep notes of dried figs, plums & raisins are gently pleasing your scenting buds while the upcoming steaming atmosphere totally conquers you as a whole with a clear win on the Ancient leaf side. This buddy is full of depth & aromatic wonders. While the beginning again starts with an instant sensation of dried fruits the immediate after bouquet hits you with such a ripe Thai mango, jackfruit & baked banana vibe. You can literally sense the essence of a deep mountain jungle out of it. It's like actually being there standing in the middle of thick green large trees listening to exotic birds near & far with some monkey far up in the treetops. But there's also another familiar aspect to it which has a herbal touch of Althaea officinalis aka the herbal origin called Marshmallow within.

Liquor: Within the thick light amber colored cups you can literally re-experience everything former named from the aromatic bouquet also within the actual taste.If you're not a worshiper of bitterness you should take a bit care of a short steeping because a certain bitterness could come up if you let it steep too long. There's even more going on within the tasting profile as simply reliving the steaming atmosphere. There's a constant sweetness within each layer while a herbal note is leaving a cooling flair within your mouth & throat. The sweetness dances between former named dried fruits, tropical ones, Marshmallow aspect but more the medicinal candy version we call Eibischteig but also another typical Austrian sugary confectionery called Wienergebäck - it's some type of dried foamy sugar. Hard to explain but I get a lot of those vibes out of this Ancient tree buddy. Another Thai Sheng I totally fell in love with ~

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