2013 Purple leaf Myanmar Raw Pu-erh Tea, loose

Origin: Myanmar
Harvest: Spring 2013
Trees' age: 100-200 y.o.
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Raw pu-erh tea from Myanmar (Burma), 100-200-year-old purple trees. Spring 2013.

Appearance of dry tea leaves reminds of a Dan Cong tea of light roast. However, it is a purple leaf sheng pu-erh of quite full value, without mistakes in technology, and, accordingly, without distortions in organoleptic.

The aroma of the tea is sweet and floral with hints of raisin. The taste is rich, dominated by raisins and apricots. This is an understandable and predictable puerh, which will please those without rich experience in expensive teas. One of such pu-erhs that you can drink every day, for a long time.

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The aroma of the dry leaf is extremely restrained, dried apples and flowers from somewhere far away, from a heated up leaf - dried apricots and dried berries, in a rinsed leaf - the berries have left, there are flowers and some dried fruits.

Clay teapot, delicious water, 5gr for 150ml: 20sec/20/20/30/30/1min/1/2/2/3/5/5 +

The pu-erh is already rich and intense for its four years and loose storage. In the aroma of infusion there are dried and pickled apples, flowers, and dried apricots. The body is dense, but at the same time, you can drink a lot without straining yourself. It’s sweet, especially the aftertaste.

The tea varies faintly from steeping to steeping, but for those who like to observe metamorphosis, it will be interesting. In the last steeping the smell of "tree fungi" emerged quite unexpectedly, unusual but interesting.

The puer is strong, but the power is delicate, not the one that rolls through the stomach or head, but healthy and pleasant. Tea is good without a doubt, it will adorn any collection. It is the sixth in a row to try out from Teaside and clearly beat some “competitors”.

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