2014 Tea Side 0175 Raw Pu-erh tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2014
Elevation: 1200 m
Availability: In Stock

For this raw pu-erh we use leaves from old (mainly 300-400 years) tea trees, province of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Elevation is about 1200 m.

It’s our own production completely from harvesting to packing. Of course, we had to hire extra hands to pick up the leaves, otherwise we would have very little amount of this tea. But the entire production process is fully under our control from start to finish.

Mao cha for this sheng is prepared by the classical technology. Sha qing ("killing the green") is carried out in a wood stove. Next, twisting and drying in the sun.

Our puer tea has come out light and floral. The taste is slightly tart, fruity-floral tones are in the dominant. In the background can be found dried fruits and berries. Experienced drinkers can notice faint "smoke" in taste. Leaves a pleasant sweet aftertaste. This pu-erh gets high marks on tastings from the Chinese colleagues, and from European, American, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian tea-lovers around the world.

State after drinking: calm, contemplation, tranquility. Just a small amount of this tea left, so we sell it loose.

Reviews (3)

TeaSide 0175, 2014: the very case when youth is good for a good sheng. Excellent sweetish-floral aroma, laced with berry notes. The cake is easily disassembled - beautiful raw materials. Bright, clear, transparent infusion with a pinkish tinge. The taste corresponds to the flavor. A large potential for improvement with aging is likely.

Great tea! Very soft taste! And the aroma of a dry leaf ... cannot be described. Worthy! Over time, will definitely become even better!

I liked this sheng. It is bright, it is soft, in some way it is caramel, in some way a little spicy. It's nice, I would even say good tea! I'm very interested in how it will be after a long time aging. And, dammit, I want more! Sincerely and with no doubt, I recommend it!

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