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2006 Ming Dee Hong Tai Chang Organic Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2006
Elevation: 1300 m
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2006 Aged Raw (Sheng) Pu-erh tea cake produced in Ming Dee factory under the Chinese brand Hong Tai Chang.

Chiang Rai province in the north of Thailand. The elevation is 1300 meters. The age of the trees is 200-500 years.

It has a rich flavor spectrum. Here is a bouquet of wild flowers and herbs, you'll feel notes of St. John's wort and taste of some more medicinal herbs.

Bright floral aftertaste. This pu-erh holds more than ten infusions and truly revealed only by the fourth-fifth steep.

Effect after drinking: contemplative, calm, composure state. Very potent quite aged sheng pu-erh.

Reviews (8)

On the one hand this is a fairly priced old tree semi-aged puer.
Like the rest of its peers on tea-side has plenty of steeps and good qi.
But I find it less interesting/complex than the rest, with the most noticeable aspect of it is being sweet.
It might have plenty of room to age though, since the taste is strong.

In comparison to outer competition I'd give it 5 stars,
but compared to Tea-Sides semi-aged teas it's a 4 for me

The Ming Dee has a light brown dry leaf, in contrast to the blackish brown of the 0802. Both have a good dry aroma, slightly musty/dusty book but zero trace of mold or wet storage. The wet leaf had a bit of funk on the Ming Dee; the 0802 had a deep shengy sweetness, immediately preferred the wet aroma far more on the 0802.

1.Rose incense, grain, mild sweetness, similar to Xiaguan 2003. Factory style blend.
2. Incense, tartness, more rose incense, slightly sweet-smoky
3. Reminds me of Feitai Xiaguan productions from this era, and even more of certain Changtai cakes, especially the 2005 Red Chengtai. Strong incense now.
4. More classic midaged factory blend, warmer, tastier

By the aroma, you can immediately determine that the tea is of a high quality storing - It has not been kept either on the basement or in a dry broom, as often happens with old shengs.
Very bright and rich for its years, there are still floral-herbaceous-honey notes, specific for younger shengs. But, at the same time, an excellent balance, softness, and viscosity, characteristic for mature pu-erhs.
Alexey Vlasov, The Art of Tea, Saint-Petersburg

In the evening, having received the parcel, I decided to try this tea first. I’m not a big specialist in tea and did not buy expensive before.
Immediately "hit" in the eyes and head. After a few cups, I was surprised my condition, it was a bit difficult to get up .. You brew and brew it, but it is still has a taste, a kind of "camphor" appears. Probably, I had a little too much, since I started to feel a light shiver and kind of intoxication. And I went to bed. From next morning till dinner, there was a kind of "hangover", but without a headache. In general, the tea is very good..

Teapot Jianshui 200 ml, 12.5 gr of the tea, melt water.
Cake: friable, easy to split into separate leaves - I like this. The smell of dry leaves reminds a of dry orange crusts, dried herbs. The smell of the rinsed tea reminds me of poplar buds, a little old books, and a little tobacco leaf.
1 - poplar in the spring, a little camphor, elusively orange peel, cherry leaf.
2 - all the same aroma of poplar buds (can be spring effects me), some kinds of herbs, raw cedar bred.
3 - everything became more concentrated, but this is not the main thing!
And the main thing is that! Touching tea infusion by your lips, you get a gentle, weightless tea ... kiss!
A weightless airy feeling has transmitted to the inner mood, everything around became lighter, a sense of joy and so quiet lightness. It costs a lot! Tea withstood 10 steepings.
The color of the liquor gradually becomes noble from steep to steep, amber-transparent as expensive cognac. In the glass teapot is a fascinating sight! Oily and viscous infusion.
A cup smell - flowers, honey, white raisins, camphor, cherry, imperceptibly sandal.
Tea bottom: the teapot opened with a dense apple-dried fruit spirit. Cool, like a friends goodbye!

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