2005 Tea Side 0381 Raw Pu-erh tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2005
Elevation: 1300 m
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200-500 year-old tea trees material harvested in 2005. Chiang Rai province, north Thailand, the elevation is approximately 1300 meters.

The taste is very smooth and thick. The tea surprises with its soft, velvety mouth feel. The flavor has many semitones, it is all distinctly apple-nutty, with notes of wood bark.

Better brew this pu-erh with boiling water.

If you like thick walnut Shengs (raw pu-erhs), this tea is for you. Adjusting the time of exposure you can choose the most pleasant density of the infusion.

Fans of strong Sheng Pu-erh can indulge in experiments and get a nice lightly tart smack. The aftertaste is modest, but very noble: still the same dried apples and nuts, but with savour of raisins.

Brings easiness, makes you calm and thoughtful.

Reviews (2)

4,5 g / 90ml teapot. Pleasant, dense, qualitatively aged. Muffled by time cigar bitterness and absolutely pure, cognac color infusion. Good sheng for drinking, when you do not need to concentrate and ponder. Relaxes consciousness by its own being and energy. This tea is not for every day, but it surely deserves to be in the tea card.

Good sheng. Compared with 0802 doesn’t have such a powerful flavor. In taste and aroma, there is nothing superfluous. The whole mouth is wrapped in a taste of a good tea. I drunk this tea, I looked out the window and happily noted how everything around rejoices in life - clouds, leaves of trees, light, etc.

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