2013 “Unicorn” Raw Pu-erh Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2013
Elevation: 1200 m
Availability: In Stock

Classic raw puerh from old trees. It has a beautiful sweet aroma and smooth, balanced taste. This tea captivates by the depth of its taste with notes of dates, dried apricots, and apples. Long oily aftertaste, mineral tones, and dark amber infusion instantly reveal the solidity of ancient trees.

Cha Qi energy has a sedative and soothing character. Moreover, tea invigorates and increases attentiveness. Recommended for all fans of classic pu-erhs. The stock of tea is limited.

Unicorn is a mythical creature, symbolizing prudence, spiritual purity and discretion. In addition, the unicorn is a symbol of freedom and knowledge, it shows the path to those who seek the truth.

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