2016 "Ворона-цыганка" шен пуэр 0380

Производитель: Thailand
Урожай: Весна 2016
Высота: 1300 м
Возраст деревьев: 300 лет
Доступность: На складе
Бонусные баллы за покупку: 18 Подробнее

Чай со старых деревьев, средним возрастом 300 лет. Провинция Чианг Рай, северный Таиланд.

Сладкие красные яблоки, курага и горькие травы составляют основу вкуса этого шен пуэра. Красивый, тонкий, но хитрый - всякий раз он заваривается по-разному. Обладает долгим, фруктовым послевкусием.

Бодрящий и, в то же время, расслабляющий.

Отзывы (7)

я чувствую, что этот пуэр немного не дотягивает до своих коллег.
хотя это явно качественный тайский материал, вкус не такой цельный, как у остальных.
Это мой личный вкус, и другим он может понравиться больше, так что стоит попробовать

Превосходный шен, интенсивный вкус, который очень напоминает мне Айлао Шань!

Bouquet: Starting with an atmosphere like those pressed dried ripe fruit bars with raisins, plums & figs. Further taking in breathtaking nuances of dark resinous thick mountain needle forest honey plus the eatable honeycomb part followed by a fine citrus layer plus hints of chocolate and dried apricots but also apricot jam.

Liquor: Its dark orange yellow with a thick creamy and coating texture expresses itself with a lovely honeycomb flair with a thick creamy Manuka honey and generally a very deep and ripe sweet texture. There is always a certain hint of lemon between one aspect and the next - also a certain larch citrus type of woodsy flair to it. But the sweetness also shows up in a chewy fruit gummy version like those Korean or Japanese Hi-Chew with flavors of blueberry, peach and cherry blossoms. Like within the scenting stage you are going to discover layers of dried fruits like raisins, figs, plums and apricots plus a nice extra portion of jam. But it's not only Manuka it is more like a mix between this one and a dark Italian mountain forest honey I enjoyed last winter.

I can only repeat myself that I am really amazed what northern Thailand and Myanmar has to offer when it comes to Pu-erh deep from jungle harvested from ancient precious trees. I'm totally in love - definitely need some bigger portions soon.

Excellent sheng pu-erh, thanks, tea side

Feels like a mixture of Lincang, Bulang and YiWu flavors + some notes unfamiliar to me. There is something that distinguishes this puer tea from the Yunnan puers, but it does not make it worse. The dominant is the bitterness of grapefruit, lemon peel. But the word "bitterness" doesn’t fit the description that much, anyway, I didn’t find other in my vocabulary. Generally, this sheng tea is powerful, sweet, and clear. Probably I'll finish it soon because it seems that with time everything that I personally like about him is going to die down. I hope, I’m wrong. It seems to me quite young. Now this is my favorite raw puer which I compare all the other shengs with.

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