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2022 Si Ji Chun Oolong (Four Seasons) Tea Premium, USDA Organic

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Dec, 2022
Elevation: 500-700 m
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December 2022 harvest of Si Ji Chun from USDA certified organic plantation. This tea has an amazingly delicate, lively floral-fruity perfume melody and thick oily vanilla mouthfeel that stays on the throat for over an hour. It steeps endlessly and gently relaxes throughout the session.

There is an opinion that organic tea is inferior in density and intensity of taste to one treated with inorganic fertilizers. In my humble opinion, Si Ji Chun oolong from this plantation is the best in Thailand, despite its being 100% organic.

2020 Si Ji Chun Oolong Loose
2022 Si Ji Chun Oolong Steeped leaves

Reviews (2)

Bouquet: Everything starts so warming and cozy sweet like standing in the middle of a bakery where each and every steaming oven is filled with butter cookies, lime infused sweet breads, banana bread and muffins plus an overall flowery sweet candied atmosphere to it of rose and the herbal origin called Marshmallow.

Liquor: I got the chance to experience two of those amazing Taiwanese type Oolongs and both amazed my wife and myself to a whole 'nother level. Because of the plants origin there is no denial to see its background in Taiwan but the soil and land of Thailand managed to create something even more pronounced and full in every aspect as many Taiwanese Oolongs I had before and I drank so many I can't even count. Everything starts with the former mentioned and now strong mix of Rose and herbal Marshmallow followed with hints of Vanilla bourbon and a touch of dark chocolate plus banana but only a hint to get your attention. Its full and prominent taste is presented in such a soft silky texture which creates many delightful moments of countless infusions. Full profile with deep floral notes and bakery sweetness - what a Masterpiece and skilled Composition.

Intensely fragrant this tea has plenty of botanical aromas of lavender, rose and cosmetic herbs, with a refreshing citric note and a background of vanilla and sweet spices. Strong attack, medium body, complex and very long: you do not expect it from the pale lemon green color. If you are looking for a big nose, this is a very good choice.

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