2015 Cui Yu Jade Oolong Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2015
Elevation: 1400 m
Cultivar: Cui Yu (TRES #13)
Availability: In Stock

Cui Yu Oolong (means "green jade") is a Taiwanese hybrid at the Tea Research and Extension Station it received number TRES #13.

The tea passed the first stage of maturity and in taste significantly differs from its neighbor TRES # 12 (Jin Xuan Oolong tea). In this instance, there is almost no "milk" (it only appears in the aftertaste), but there is a strong berry caramel, mostly cherry, plenty of lilacs and black currant. Therefore, Tie Guan Yin lovers, if you want something new and 100% organic, paying attention to this tea.

The very first notes of maturity have already appeared in this oolong. That are hints of cherry and chocolate so typical of Thai oolongs. The oiliness is abundant.

Gourmet tea for thoughtful tea drinking.

The factory and plantations are USDA certified organic.

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