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Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Premium

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Winter 2016-2017
Elevation: 1200 m
Cultivar: Jin Xuan (TRES #12)
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This is not just a winter harvest of Jin Xuan oolong. This is a special successful kind of Jin Xuan from one of our organic tea manufacturers.

Bright and juicy berry caramel in the foreground. Soft, full-bodied taste, incredibly sweet and oily. Pear, dairy cream, berry caramel and orchid are the main notes of this tea. The aftertaste is sweet and floral. This is achieved by a light roasting and oxidation. No red water tones.

This Jin Xuan is very unique and does not repeat Taiwanese line in taste. Something a bit like a high-quality Dan Cong Oolong of light fire.

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7.5g / 150ml, 95-99C, 20 seconds and up.
No detailed 10 step tasting, just highlighting what I noticed.
Passion fruits with tart sweetness, herbal greenness of chinese traditional medicine, sweet cooked vanilla pineapple, fresh red dates, reminds me of a Taiwanese Dong Ding, but much fruitier, cooked white pears.
There were some pecan skin notes as well. With the associated nut skin astringency. Some bitterness (lightly) in later steeps.
Surprisingly, it also reminded me of Dancongs - especially Honey Orchid (milanxiang). With exactly that: honey sweetness and fragrance of flowers.
It also had a very particular and enjoyable mouthfeel - without being thick in the body. It was clean and viscous like steamed spinach- juicy, silky, and soft. I can’t really describe it, it happens also in some green teas. I like it very much.
All in all, a different kind of oolong to the green fresh Taiwanese or very buttery or floral chinese. Like the previous Thai oolong I had from TEA SIDE, this was tropical fruits.
Cup smell again reminiscent of Dancongs (caramel, wood, flowers, and honey). Delicious brew!

Very good tea with fresh fragrance. That reminded Chinese high-grade Te Kuan Yin.

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