2020 Gui Fei Oolong Premium Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: July 2020
Elevation: 1200 m
Cultivar: TRES #17
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Take the “tropical fruit” caramel, berry jam, a spoonful of fragrant honey, and a fresh peach pit, straight from the peach. Ok, great, you've got our new Gui Fei.

This bug-bitten oolong is brewed into a thick, oily and smooth on the throat infusion. The aftertaste reminiscent of the one from the fruit caramel, lasts another hour after the end of the session.

Gui Fei is oxidized exactly as much as necessary for the classic style, without falling into red tea, but stronger than light Darjeeling.

I have been waiting for this tea for a long time. The master delayed its production up to July. Usually, the Gui Feis in Thailand are ready by mid-June. Producers are in a hurry to make fresh tea - made it first, sold it first. To my questions “when, when will it be ready?”, the master replied “let the more cicadas arrive, the leaf is not ready yet”. And now you can taste the result. I'm sure you won’t be disappointed.

2020 Gui Fei oolong tea Infusion from Thailand
Steeped leaves of Thai Gui Fei oolong tea

Reviews (2)

7.5 grams / teapot 160 ml. Brewed with boiling water, the steeps are short for a few seconds with a hold of up to 15-30 in the later ones.
Tea conquers from the first moment of acquaintance. The aroma and taste are ripe peaches, strawberries, something else undetectable, soft creamy caramel and apple candy.
Everything is so subtle and complex at the same time, and it does not seem to me that there is such an artificial flavor.
The tea is long, calmly withstood 2 liters and did not end. When overexposed, peach seed astringency appears, but it does not spoil the tea.
Valera, this is a very successful find! Practically, for me personally, a reference oolong.

Never have I tasted a blossom flavored tea as this. True gift for it's quality

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