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2022 Cui Yu Jade Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: September 2022
Cultivar: Cui Yi, TRES #13
Availability: In Stock
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A hybrid of the Taiwanese Research Experimental Station, TRES #13.

In Thailand, there is only one small plantation of Cui Yu bushes that belongs to an organic oolong producer we've been cooperating with for a long time.

This tea is quite different from regular Thai oolongs with a fruity sweet profile. The taste is dominated by a floral palette reminiscent of the high-quality Tie Guan Yin.

Thai Cui Yu has a powerful, oily and rounded flavor, with a wide range of undertones and strong “umami”. The tea can withstand many steepings.

In the foreground are lilacs, lilies of the valley, and jasmine. In addition to floral tones, a berry melody sounds brightly in the background, red currants are intertwined with cherries here. The aftertaste contains mint candy and the same sweet and sour berries. The most attentive tea-lovers will see light chocolate-woody tones.

USDA Organic Certified.

Cui Yu oolong tea 2020 USDA organic
Cui Yu oolong tea 2020 USDA organic loose

Reviews (3)

It seems Cui Yu had some revival in recent times. After many years as a unbeloved sibling you can find it quite often today. Funnily I have one Cui Yu which tastes like candied hawthorn. This Cui Yu tastes like mango to me.

The tea is great. However, it would be nice to get 3x 200g as ordered instead of 600g in one big package. The aroma will be fading once opened.

Other than that everything was fine.


Outstanding tea. It keeps all the promises you can read in the seller description. Dry and wet leaves reveals an explosion of aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and white flowers, hints of stone fruits, ending up with dry fruits and butter umami notes. Oily, coating mouthfeel texture, sweet attack and very long aftertaste. Endless, after the fifth brewing was still improving. Very good buy.

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