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2014 Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Medium Roasted, USDA Organic

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2014
Elevation: 1300 m
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
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This is another oolong tea in our store assortment, which is processed in the traditional Taiwanese style of Dong Ding. We have also a classic Dong Ding made according to all the traditional canons, a very soft Dong Ding of medium fire, and a strong roasted one. Here is aged Dong Ding of medium fire, manufactured according to the classical technology of Lao Cha Oolong.

This oolong is not very old, but unlike aged Qing Xin 1995, this tea was heated several times during the shelf life. From this, his taste was condensed and became viscous-sweet. At the same time, there is no strong fire in taste. But there are chocolate and biscuit notes of good-quality Lao Dong Ding. This oolong is perfectly combined with confectionery, dried fruits, honey, and nuts. This is a nice dessert tea, which is certified by the USDA organic program.

Reviews (3)

Now in my Cov19 Quarantine I got time for enjoying this fantastische Dong Fing Oolong 2014! That is so amazing! Rich floral, fruity taste. Please use Gong Fu method otherwise you will loose this jewel! Enjoy!

Strong and original oolong. Cha Qi is very bright. During tea drinking, I put different music on my playlist, and the last track was something new-jazz with an admixture of electronics. So, I seemed to join this wave with this tea and immediately added a few more similar tracks until the end of my single pin session.
Both dry tea and infusion has sweet aroma with fruit and berry notes. Approximately by the third steep sweetness and light sourish appeared. For some reason, a memory came from childhood about a white currant. Brewed in a proportion of 5.2 grams per 90 ml gaiwan, did not count the steeps, for I hardly ever count them.
But with this tea it is useless anyway. :)

Sunflower seeds and nut aftertaste - this is most striking. In general, a good Dong Ding, no worse than the Taiwanese counterparts, that I tried.
It is nice to note Thai fruit notes. Confidently holds the steep with a small amount of tea leaves.
Cha Qi is very powerful. I was carried away by the game of taste from steep to the steep - the time of steep and the number of steeps markedly changed the bouquet, although it remained in one line.
As a result, I grabbed a powerful effect and for a while I was walking around and did not understand what was happening. Thai teas, of course, are a strong thing in terms of Cha Qi.

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