Dongfang Meiren Oolong Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: May-June 2016
Elevation: 1300 m
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
Availability: In Stock

This is a strongly oxidized and lightly roasted, long twisted oolong tea. Bug-bitten leaves. Dry tea can be recognized by the white bloom on the tips. That is why it is also called as Bai Hao Oolong (White Tip Oolong Tea). And sometimes they call it Peng Feng oolong.

Long ago, the legend says, one tea farmer had left his fields due to extremely important, urgent matter appeared. And so he couldn't care properly about the plantation any more. As a result, his wonderful oolong garden had been attacked by an enormous quantity of tiny green insects (tea green leafhopper). Almost all the leaves had been bitten and had began to turn yellow. Nevertheless, he couldn't allow himself to abandon producing tea. He continued to harvest, proceed and make his oolongs. To his great surprise, the oolong that had been produced from the yellow bitten leaves had very strong sweet fragrance. As it has turned out, the bites of the insects had caused leaves and buds oxidation to begin and so sweet floral and honey notes had appeared.

This Beauty has a solid taste, classical honey flavor with clear floral sweetness of tea tips. Very fragrant oolong. Bright notes of fruits and flowers here are in aroma. Strong velvety sweet aftertaste with hints of peaches and honey.

For that remarkable flavor the bug-bitten oolong tea is also known as Champagne oolong.

Reviews (3)

This was a very nice example of Oriental Beauty. It brewed very similar to the description. The tea is very highly curated with quality leaf. It did not tend to overbrew, but rather had a highly flexible profile. It compared very favorably with a number of handmade Taiwan OB I have tried. The price point is quite reasonable for a tea of this quality. If you enjoy OB or are looking to get an idea of how handmade Oriental Beauty should taste, this is a good place to start.

This oolong tea has an amassing "honey" taste and very smooth. Since I tried this tea for the first time it has become one of my favorite ones. Strongly recommended!

Tea is super. Of course, the price corresponds. Immediately goes on all the vessels, first to the head, then to the limbs and chest. About the aroma and taste there is nothing to add..

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