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Dongfang Meiren Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Tea, USDA Organic

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: May-June 2021
Elevation: 1300 m
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
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Oriental Beauty tea is a medium-fermented oolong made of bug bitten leaves.

Dong Fang Mei Ren is a long twisted version of Beauty, which can also be rolled into hemispheres - such tea is called Gui Fei oolong.

Thai Beauty is quite distinct from her Taiwanese sister. First, our tea is made from Ruan Zhi oolong (TRES № 17). This hybrid is rare in Taiwan nowadays and Dong Fang Mei Ren is produced from Qin Xin Da Pan cultivar there. Second, there are terroir differences. You can recognize Thai origin by the bright fruity tones of mango, strawberries, litchi, peach, and other tropical fruits. In its velvety dense flavor, one can also find hints of fruit jam, flower honey, and candies.

Oriental Beauty tea has several other names. Because of the light fluffy buds, this tea is called Bai Hao (White Tip) oolong, because of the legend - Pen Feng Cha (Braggart’s Tea), for its bright sparkling taste - Champagne oolong.

Peng Feng Cha Legend - Bragger’s Tea

Long ago, the legend says, one tea farmer had left his fields due to extremely important, urgent matters. And so he couldn't care properly about the plantation any more. As a result, his wonderful garden had been attacked by an enormous quantity of tiny green insects (tea green leafhopper). Almost all the leaves had been bitten and had begun to turn yellow. Nevertheless, he couldn't allow himself to abandon producing tea. He continued to harvest, proceed and make his oolongs. To his great surprise, the tea that had been produced from the yellow bitten leaves had a very strong sweet fragrance. The farmer was so proud and bragged a lot about his tea, hence the name Peng Feng.

As it has turned out, the bites of the insects had caused leaves and buds oxidation and fermentation by enzymes, and hence sweet floral and honey notes had appeared.

Bug-bitten Tea

Oriental Beauty oolong is produced only from tea leaves, which were attacked by little flies - small green leaf-hoppers, which come in the period from late April to June. The leaf, defending itself from bites, releases a special enzyme. As a result, a tea made from such material, has these distinctive natural honey-fruity tones that are characteristic of Oriental Beauty Tea.

Thai farmers consider the arrival of leaf-hoppers as a great luck. They try to keep their plantations as natural as possible and do not use chemical fertilizers, hoping that the green tea flies will return to them again and will bite their tea bushes, giving rise to amazing honey and muscat tones in the future tea. And that is why this oolong is expensive. Moreover, our Oriental Beauty is USDA organic certified.

Try To Cold Brew Oriental Beauty Tea

According to the Taiwanese tradition, Oriental Beauty is well suited for cold brewing. Indeed, this oolong is wonderfully infused in cold water.

Once at the factory they made me a bottle of this tea to go for my way back. But because of a big hurry, I made only two stops in five hours and drank just a few sips of this tea. So I brought it all home. The tea got so strongly infused that the luscious honey aroma from the bottle knocked me down. It was an absolutely undrinkable drink but still interesting to taste.

Reviews (9)

Brief (few seconds) steeps in 90 Celcius water.
Liquor is of a clear pale golden in hue.
Taste is smooth and sweet of honey, with no astringency nor bitterness.
Mouthfeel somewhat sticky and dry, with a long fruity sweet aftertaste.
Empty cup leaves a mild sugary sweet aroma.
Wet leaves are bright copper in tone, giving off a sweet aroma that mimics a fruity light brown sugar.
This tea withstands many steeps.

I have looked High and low for a good Dongfeng! I once had the change to have this great tea as good as this is, now I have found it again! I received it today, fast shipping BTW and it blew my socks off! This tea is very good. I bought 3 more lol. I hope to buy more teas from this company again.

Yesterday the whole family tried this tea with honey. We brewed 7g for 800ml in Western-style, everyone liked it, it turned out 2 normal steeps 4 and 7 minutes of exposure. The Honey holiday was a success!
It looks like a top-end spring Indian Darjeeling with the aroma, but there is no astringency and warming of the body, but rather a smooth taste and cooling.
The qi is quite strong, with "hedgehogs" of caffein throughout the body.

This is a classic Oriental Beauty, and for the price I haven’t found a better one.

Strong honey notes, beautiful leaves and Aroma, with many brews.
I make it like all Bai Hao @90C, as they usually get bitter above that (haven’t tried with this one).
For Bai Hao I also do not rinse, first brew 20 sec, then add 10 sec.. as mentioned last long.

If you like Bai Hao this one is highly recommend!

One of the reasons why I like this dong fang mei ren is because its oxidation level is kept at the classical level.
In the recent couple of years I have encountered several Dong Fang Mei Ren from taiwan that is less oxidised than it was before (originally).
I was wondering why would they temper with the original oxidation, some of my friends were able to tell me the reason behind it.
It was because of demand, some of them suggested that the demand from the government based consumers are demanding lesser oxidation ... this bummed me out.
However, this Thai dong fang meiren is close to the taiwan ones and I am very pleased.
The tea give out an obvious notes of fruitiness, at first I noticed the honey and highlights of fruity acidity similar to peony grapes and then the menthol eucalyptus like sensation appeared.
As I drink more of it, more notes starts to pop out - Cinnamon, Licorice, a little of Cumin like note, undertone aroma similar to a red rose I have in the shop, and a tad of fresh peppery note at throat.
The after taste reminds me of Kurosato or black sugar and menthol.

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