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2019 Hong Shui Oolong Tea Premium, USDA Organic

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2019
Elevation: 1200 m
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This red water oolong (technically, red tea made from oolong material) is from the same master as the 2014 Hong Shui.

Why is there such a gap of five years?

Potentially powerful tea samples from promising producers I try every year. But not every year is successful, even with a proficient master.

In my subjective opinion, in case of this Hong Shui, only the spring 2019 batch can compete with the sample of 2014, one of our all-time bestsellers. Before, there was a wonderful 2012, but that tea ended long ago.

I should note that these years (2012, 2014, and 2019) are only best for this particular oolong. Successful years are different for each tea and every factory.

Organoleptic properties

2019 tastes more delicate than 2014, partly because of the freshness, partly to the lighter roast; in general, it’s more refined.

The aroma of the rinsed tea gives rise to a simple and steady chain of associations: ripe fruits, chocolate, and milk.

The taste repeats the aroma but adds an easily discernible nutty melody.

The picture is nearly finished; however, the aftertaste contributes with unexpected floral and vanilla notes. These delights will be a reward for attentive and experienced tea drinkers.

2019 Hung Shui red water oolong tea USDA organic
Infusion of 2019 Hung Shui oolong organic tea

Reviews (2)

works well in western style brewing (regular way of making tea in the west, in a cup)
a very nice darker Oolong that is comforting and tasty

This a very good example of what I call “temperamental tea” changing its profile and showing different faces from brewing to brewing.
At the beginning it shows aromas of dry citric peels, floral notes like honeysuckle and vegetable notes. Later, as soon as leaves open up, it shows its seductive side changing to more exotic woody aromas with candied fruits notes like a Christmas cake and a background of tobacco and vanilla. Later as soon as temperature gets down it smells of grape skins and of yeast, making me remind of “mostaccioli” a traditional Italian sweet bread made with grape must during the harvesting season.
For this, I gave it the nickname of “vinacce” (grape skins).
Even if the mouth is very well balanced, in my opinion, the nose is the great talent of this tea.
You can steep so many times and it is still there, standing up and surprising you!

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