2017 Ancient Trees Black Tea Sun Dried

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: winter 2017-18
Elevation: 1200 m
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Black tea from old Thai trees of winter 2017-2018 harvest.

Made by a unique technology: oxidation of twisted leaves goes while drying in the sun. It has a bright and delicate floral taste. Holds infusions as well as good sheng pu-erh from trees so you can call it "Red Sheng Pu-erh". In China this kind of tea is also called Shai Hong which means “dried in the sun”.

Without distortions in taste, so common for black teas of mild oxidation.

No doubt It will be finely aging.

Reviews (2)

Strong energy on this tea. Seems lightly oxidised for a red tea. In fact, it sometimes "feels" like a green tea in terms of the energy it gives. Quite raw and wild feeling. The flavour is tart / spicy / fruity. Strong, pleasant aroma on the dry leaf, wet leaf and liquor. Flavour profile is well rounded and doesn't distort when brewed quite strong. I did feel a light headed after drinking on an empty stomach, but my stomach is sensitive to teas like this. Powerful tea, will definitely open your eyes and blow the cobwebs away.

Red tea from ancient trees, light fermentation, sun-dried (shai hong) TEASIDE.
Gaiwan - 150ml, tea bowl - 300ml, Tea - 9,4g. Water - structured osmosis, 24 ppm. Тemp. - 93°C.
The dry leaf is spicy-sweetish, light brown.
Rinsed - spicy, exciting slightly sweetish flavor.
The color of the liquor is orange-yellow, cheerful, warm, with sparks of the sun. High transparency.
The smell of liquor is sunny, warm, and cozy. Warm sunny meadow with dried mown grass.
The taste of liquor: associates with the orchid flowers, in any case, the olfactory-taste characteristics coincide with the flowers of phalaenopsis and vanda. Similar with Black tea #1 by the taste but more specific, this tea has its own taste, slightly astringent, tart, malty-sweet.
The aftertaste is soft, pleasant, it gently cools the tongue and palate, faintly tart on the inner cheeks.
The Body is silky smooth, light and oily.
Tea bowl smells with crumpled phalaenopsis flowers, the smell is pleasant, not intense.
Overexposure test: The tea becomes tarter, the pu-erh essence emerged. No acidity, bitterness or any chaos there. The tea is smooth and straight, without warps.
Tea is very "long" - 9gr holds 1.5 liters of water without significant loss in taste, but the taste itself becomes closer to pu-erhs.
Effect: lightness in the body, a small fog in my head, though ... maybe it's because of the weather - it is snowing outside.
I feel no heaviness after this tea, as usually happens when you drink 1.5 liters by oneself.
Summary: good, smooth, honest tea with a beautiful bottom of a reddish color, nice tea from all sides!!!
For myself, I called it "Orange sun on a flower field".

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