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2017 Old Trees Organic Black Tea N3, Loose Leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2017
Elevation: 1300 m
Trees' age: 100-300 y.o.
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Loose black tea from 100-300-year-old trees, the highest quality material.

This is a classic black tea from trees. It is well-fermented and possesses an invigorating strong taste with many semitones and a rich aroma. The taste profile: tea rose, tulips, dried fruits, a little caramel.

Suitable for both, utilitarian consumption with sweets and for the thoughtful tea ceremony. The perfect morning tea.

The factory is certified according to the USDA Organic standard.

Reviews (5)

My favorite numbered red tea. The flavor is mild, with prunes dominating. Also citrus notes. And gives the most powerful condition.

Great tea for its money. It is difficult to find a tea of comparable quality for this price. The leaf is pretty "fleshy", which can be considered as a confirmation of tree origin. The taste and aroma are more classical than those of other red teas from the shop (Jin Xuan, Aged Assam), which in my opinion is an advantage, there are fruits, a little honey, some spices.

The leaf is sturdy, fleshy. Trees material is clearly recognizable. The aroma is bright, fruity and spicy. The taste has bitterness, but there is no viscosity, which pleases. The roasting is quite strong - for those who fancy. I've tried this kind of tea from Yunnan, that one was more delicately roasted and more comfortable to drink. The thing that really pleased me is the effect - lifted me up to my feet after a sleepless night. At the same time, the state is calm, without shaking hands. Confidently holds many infusions, not afraid of cooling. Liked it!

Very good black tea.

Well done tea. The aroma of dry leaves is very powerful - sweet exotic fruits. The taste is bright fruity, lucum in icing sugar and duchess pear. In the later steepings, spicy pepper notes appear and remain until the end. One of the best offers of the price/quality ratio.

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