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2021 Dian Hong Black Tea Old Trees

Origin: Thailand
Elevation: 1200 m
Trees' age: 300-500 y.o.
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Strong black tea from 300-500-year-old trees. These trees are growing in the wild forest and tea is 100% organic. High-quality material. Chinese Dian Hong tea technology applied.

The dominant taste is fruity with caramel and chocolate. Light, noble bitterness in the aftertaste. Fans of Yunnan Dian Hong Black tea will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our specimen.

Reviews (6)

This is a dense black tea with a medium mouth feel.
The aroma is earthy of bitter cacao, caramel, brown sugar, with a long fruity after taste.
I get no astringency from longer steeps, and the tea has a long stamina.
Empty cup smells comfortingly sweet.
Wet leaves smell of bitter cacao and burnt sugar, and a little bit woody.
I don't know if it's the tea, but I feel mellow after a few steeps.

Fruity profile with chocolate and caramel aftertaste.
A surprising high-quality Dian Hong.

It is better disclosed if you make pauses between the steepings and use not quite boiling water.
Soft, not empty, not flat.
It does not go into the woodiness and other rough shades do not show themselves, which is positively different from pressed red GongFu tea from LiDa factory or budget DianHongs.
I didn't notice the standard honey notes here. It gives a slight soft berry note. Something akin to raspberry jam - just what I was looking for after Shanshun and pressed GongFu red tea from Mansun GuFu from LiDa factory.
Gently and evenly tones up, does not hit the heart. Provides a strong brew. To achieve the acerbity you need to increase the exposure.
At the first tests, it allowed to cool slightly more than it should, and the taste exfoliated according to the bowl. Which, however, is a common thing.
I agree on the aftertaste: softly fragrant, not flat, not wooden and does not fall into a roast.
Good, working option.

I'm crazy about this red. Haven't ever drunk better. Thank you)

Just an incredible specimen! I am delighted with these exuberant, blossoming subtropics when the cover of the gaiwan opens. There is a note from Ruby TRES # 18, hint of a "balm". Wonderful material + wonderful technologist = wonderful tea. I am grateful to Tea Side for the sample!

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