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2015 Ancient Trees Loose Black Tea N6 Aged

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2015
Elevation: 1300 m
Trees' age: 100-300 y.o.
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This is black tea from 100-300 years old tea trees that grow in the north of Thailand.

USDA Organic certified.

It possesses bright floral flavor in which especially clearly can be traced tulips. In the taste are berries, prunes, dried fruits. The leaves are large, which produce this powerful natural richness in taste.

With black tea everything is the same as with pu-erh: aged black tea, with rare exceptions, is better than fresh. This black tea has been perfectly matured in the tropical Thai climate since 2015 (the same tea but younger). It has a thick aroma, a dense rich taste, and powerful Qi energy. It is worth its money for sure.

Reviews (2)

An excellent old-tree black tea. Red fruit flavors of wild trees, well processed. Elegant balances, fruits and flowers, some nice astringency and a sweeter finish, vanilla. Stays in mouth and evolves for a long time after drinking. Qi is lively but comforting. A top-shelf tea for a very reasonable price.

4 g, "Old Mirgorod" water (Ukraine), Jing Lan "Fence of the Well" teapot, 190ml (red).
The smell of dry tea leaves already surprises: the powerful aroma of a tea rose on the light red tea background. In a warmed up teapot the smell is still the same but more intense, with different floral notes. Rinsed tea leaves have slightly baked apple notes in addition.
Steepings for 20, 40 seconds and 1 minute with freshly-boiled water.
The first: a floral fragrance, tea rose is clearly in the taste.
The second: honey, floral, bread taste, close to Ruby #18.
The third one: much more saturated. Well done!

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