2014 Aged Assam Black Tea

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: 2014
Elevation: 1200 m
Trees' age: 60 y.o.
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Red tea from young assam trees, the age is about 60 years.

This black tea possesses light fruity-berish aroma. The taste is rich and dense with a predominance of buns, bread and light fruity notes. The tea is calm, gentle, friendly but quite refined. We can say that this tea is for every day, but for gourmets. Tea is well aged and has an impressive depth of taste and impact on the body.

Reviews (2)

Excellent tea for its price, without tartness or bitterness.

Like most black teas from Thailand, this tea dry has the smell of fruit, only the fruit here is not exuberant but moderate, feels like slightly sun-dried. However, the flavor is thorough, not fleeting. The steamed leaves have sweet, fruity and peppery notes.
The taste is light, but not insignificant, with a small tart, balanced and reminiscent of spring: here are the first flowers bloomed, and the freshness of the frosty sunny morning. The aftertaste appears after the first sip and repeats the taste, while adding a light floral perfume, making this tea positive and cheerful.

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