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2016 Ruan Zhi Loose Black Tea Premium

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2016
Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (TRES #17)
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In the taste of tea, there is cherry, cinnamon, buns and a whole bunch of spices. At the same time, tea is distinguished by softness and density.

This tea is made from a valuable and capricious Ruan Zhi (TTES #17, "soft stem") oolong bush variety. The color of the infusion is rich ruby.

Bestseller of the last three years.

Reviews (10)

I expected a strong, dominating flavour, but it was quite moderate. I wish you could offer such type in the future.

I can totally understand why it is a bestseller,
this is a rich and engaging black tea!

If you like Taiwanese black teas than give this one a try,
as here too you can feel the oolongy origins and complexities..

very nice tea!

Fairly bright and fragrant tea. The oolong nature is fully manifested - it is somewhat similar to Gui Fei in spicy notes of aroma and taste. At the same time, the character of red tea does not stand aside.

Upon opening the bag, the extreme aromatics of this offering poured out and pummeled my nostrils. The smell was sharp, vaguely floral in a hibiscus vein, and fruit tart. The leaves themselves were medium-cut, dark brown-to-black strips, but the scent they gave off betrayed any sense of their normalcy. Not sure if the extra wallop of the aroma was due to aging or not, but whatever the case, it was tantalizing.

The liquor brewed to a dark, russet color—albeit maybe a little softer. The sharp, fruit-tart aromatic notes from before came through in the finished brew as well. As for flavor, that cooling, mentholic “thing” Taiwanese black teas are known for occupied the forefront, but then it did a palatial 180°. Both the top note and downhill slide reminded me of a Camellia taliensis black tea. The finish was all sweetness and slurred speech.

The leaf carries an intense aroma of smoke and malts, but the liquor is quite different. The first cup begins with a juicy sweet wooded tone, and the second cup progresses into cherry, light cocoa, some vanilla, and kola root. It was pretty enjoyable!

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