2016 Jin Xuan Black Tea gr. A

2016 Jin Xuan Black Tea gr. A

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2016
Cultivar: Jin Xuan (TRES #12)
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High grade Black tea made from Jin Xuan oolong bushes leaves. High mountain tea from 1400 meters.

This tea has a delicate and subtle aroma of biscuits and fruits. The taste is slightly breadish and sweet, with honey, fruit and floral notes. It is soft, with no astringency. Well suited for both, working hours and Saturday mornings - perfectly invigorates and fills with freshness. Despite its oolong breed, it is a full-fledged black tea. It does not try to replicate the taste of "red water" Oolong Hong Shui, which happens with black or red teas made from oolong bush. It has his own, independent strong character.

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This write-up doesn't really do my impression of this tea justice. I absolutely loved it. I drink a lot of teas from a lot of places and unless this tea just caught me on a couple of really good days it stands out quite a bit. Preference is a funny thing though; it would be hard to really say why. The sweetness, flavor profile, feel, clean presentation of flavors, limited astringency, and balance; to me it all just really came together. It's not like it has something really unique going on as some special types do, unusual flavors or a different type of aspect, it's just a really, really nice black tea, and something in that mix really worked for me.

This tea is as described exactly, warm and bready and floral with no astringency. Has the most wonderful odor coming out of the bag. My favorite teas prior to this have been Oriental Beauty oolongs and this fits right in there. I have been trying to find a tea my husband will like and no luck with any Dong Dings, Puerhs, other Oolongs until Red Tea Jin Xuan! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to share this with him!

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