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2016 Jin Xuan Black Tea Strong Roasted, Loose Leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2016
Elevation: 1400 m
Cultivar: Jin Xuan (TRES #12)
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Strong-roasted black tea from Jin Xuan oolong leaves. High mountain tea from 1400 meters.

Due to pretty strong fire, this black tea has some similarity with Wu Yi Shan Oolongs style. The aroma of rinsed leaves easily rivals with good rock teas. However, its taste is composed of both oolong and usual classical black tea notes. Fruits and flowers are intertwined with sweet honey montes and roasted bread crust. It is heated quite strongly, but neatly.

Matures well. Qi-power increases proportionally to the age.

Reviews (3)

Full flavor, very well balanced

The smell reminds of something north-fujian-oolong, but not black tea. The water temperature is about 90 degrees. From a warm teapot smells like wuyishan oolong, a rather pleasant sweet smell. It's just right to charm and plunge into the sweet, agonizing expectation of the first cups. Light-straw-color infusion with a floral scent. Quite unusual and fascinatingly cozy. Sweet, neat and modest taste. Separately worth noting the excellent taste of cold-brewed infusion. Ice-tea from this material turns out really homey.

The aroma and taste are very good. But the usual black tea, for example, number 3, in my opinion, is better. In addition, there are no lower leaves on the petioles, probably, they were used for something else.

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