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2021 Gaba Assam Black Tea Rolled

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2017
Elevation: 1400 m
Trees' age: 200-700 y.o.
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If you liked our rolled Assam tea, GABA Assam will probably be to your liking as well.

As it happens, GABA teas are most often made from oolong material. And this is, in fact, for a good reason. Oolong material — Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis and its hybrids — is more plastic in organoleptic than the restrained, austere Assamica. However, GABA–fashion has been gaining momentum in recent years, and even GABA sheng no longer surprises anyone.

Organoleptic properties

The aroma of washed tea is classic, bread and plum, without fire.

In the taste, are sour plum, rye bread, and some medicinal herbs like chamomile and St. John’s wort.

But that’s at first. In the middle steeps, when the tea opens up better, a bunch of new interesting flavors emerges: sweet sandalwood, linseed oil, and pecan nut. If you have trouble remembering pecans, imagine walnuts, but with a sweeter and more delicate soul.

If you brew it stronger, you get a tartness with a returning sweetness – hello Assamica.


This tea is stricter than our GABA teas made from oolong varieties, but definitely not without elegance. The taste is dense, rich, I would even say assertive.

The notes of sandalwood, pecan, linseed oil, and herbs can pleasantly surprise sophisticated GABA people.

Reviews (3)

Strong, tasty plum, with a very long aftertaste (couple of hours after the session)
Very nice gaba!

Good quality tea. Good when "gaba premium" seems too thin and you want something simpler and brighter.
More straightforward than gaba oolongs or red number 6.
On the plus side: quite recognizable red Thai flavor profile of the current place. In brewing unassuming, has no tendency to be bitter.
The emergence of new teas is pleasing :)

A gentle black tea with a fruity tart-sweetness in aroma, a touch of floral note, and lightly earthy.
Not a typical black tea in flavour, as it seems to have some oolong elements.
Medium mouth-feel and a longer finish than expected, with no smokiness at all.
Tea balls unfurl into evenly bronzed large leaves, with wet leaves smell of stone fruits and a touch of burnt sugar.
The tartness remains gentle with longer steeps, however, more sweetness detectable as the tartness goes down after many brews.

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