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2021 Lightly Oxidized Sun-Dried Black Tea, Loose Leaf

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: Spring 2021
Elevation: 1300 m
Trees' age: 100-300 y.o.
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This sun-dried black tea is a younger version of 2017 Lightly-oxidized Shai Hong tea. We sell it separately since its taste is quite different.

The tea is made as delicately as possible: withering, rolling (bruising so that the juice comes out) and immediate drying in the sun. The oxidation of leaves occurs while drying.

Here you will find vibrant floral tones, dry herbs mixed with tart tropical fruits and some chocolate notes. Among the fruit aromas, peach and apricot are most distinguished.

The steeped leaves demonstrate the lightest oxidation that is rarely found in Chinese blacks: olive flashes inherent in shengs are found among the dark chestnut oxidized sheets. Due to this aspect, this black tea may remind of light Indian Darjeeling, but it still remains a unique kind, with excellent storage potential, for those who like to observe the transition of taste from fresh fruit to dried fruit tones.

Tea is soft but deeply relaxes and warms, due to the old tree's origin. Saturates with the tea energy, as classical black teas and quality aged shengs can do.

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