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2019 “Raspberry Pine” Ripe Pu-erh Tea Loose

Origin: Thailand
Elevation: 1200 m
Fermented in: Feb 2019
Availability: Out Of Stock
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The “Pine” from February 19 got the most positive reviews among all previous batches and has ended quickly in wholesale. Previously I’ve been selling it in bulk to small shops and author's tea projects. Now there are about 3 kg left, which I decided to retail through the website.

After a full two years of aging, the flavor of raspberry jam has decreased but aromatic wood and chocolate have appeared. Wet notes have gone. I like this profile more than the earlier one. It’s become even and solid.

This Shu is made from the material from old sweet trees, aged 300-500 years, so it’s a powerful fellow. It holds many infusions and by its Qi can compete with shengs.

Valera Levitanus

Reviews (2)

I'm eagerly waiting for a new batch of Tea-Side's self-made ripes
They are all excellent, and this one in no different - dense and cozy and strong!

Just the bomb, made a brew of 8 grams on a 200-gram gaiwan and then a couple of hours later looked at the stars, and they looked at me). All in all, the Qi was powerful - and the taste is super, just another level.

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