2014 Myanmar-Menghai Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Fermented in: 2014
Producer: Menghai, Yunnan
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Ripe (Shou) Pu-erh tea made from Myanmar old tea trees (gushu pu-erh tea). Fermented in 2014 in Yunnan (Menghai).

This shou has surprisingly transparent infusion for its age.

Taste matches the infusion – clear, distinct and bold. It has one of that specific characteristic that allows distinguishing real shou from old trees (gushu cha) from the total mass of ripe pu-erhs, the depth and versatility. The term "deep" for taste can be decomposed into "powerful, juicy, long and multifaceted" if it makes it more understandable.

In the dominant here is a fruit-milk mix, with notable dried cherries and toffee scents. Light and soft woodiness in the background complements and completes the taste pallet. The finish is woody and fruity.

This tea shows impressive resistance to multiple steepings, long-lasting shou.

Traditionally powerful Qi of pu-erh tea from trees promotes performance, calmness, and vigor without stress.

Check out the other two pu-erhs fermented in Menghai, both from Thai material: similar by the power 2012 shou pu-erh and his elder brother shou from 2006.

Reviews (3)

Energizing and calming at the same time. Something about those ancient tea trees! You sell the most unique shous.

I tried this tea and fell in love. An excellent combination of taste, strength and price make it ideal for me.

this ripe is on par with the other budget ripes from Tea-Side,
so is a much better alternative to the standard factory ripes-
it has thicker mouthfeel, a better stronger taste, and better longevity.

if you can afford the top grade ripes from Tea Side you should definitely try them out,
but if not these budget ripes are a very good choice!

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