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2012 Chun Xiang Myanmar-Menghai Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Origin: Thailand
Fermented in: 2012
Producer: Menghai, Yunnan
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Shu pu-erh made from Burmese material, fermented in Menghai in 2012. The trees are 70-100 years old from Nam Pa Ka Mountain in Myanmar.

This is a classic matured ripe pu-erh tea from trees, the typical Menghai fermentation. The flavor is smooth and clear: walnut, sandalwood, old wooden chest, some baked milk.

Judging by the break of the cake, they used mainly third leaves. You can also find buds with the top leaves, but there are few of them.

The fermentation is in the old school style, non-deep, gentle, and the taste is very classic, intended for the Chinese market. No fish, peat moss or compost.

The infusion is transparent, perfectly smooth on the throat.

In the aftertaste, one can easily catch a menthol note, which is not a rare find in shou pu-erhs of such profile. It finishes the flavor picture and adds a woody nobility.

Bottom line: a decent and easygoing tea, standing aside from the newfangled plantation pu-erhs, where "oil" is mixed in half with caffeine.

Chun Xian introduces into a tranquil state of tea fullness, just the way we like it. One can drink it a lot without the risk of catching a caffeine rush.

Given its low price, this shou is a great everyday option for lovers of Chinese tea classics.

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Worth it’s cost, will buy it again!

I took it because I wanted a soft pu-erh. And everything written in the description is true. Very light pu-erh, with flavors of tea only, without much earthiness or "heavy" flavors. Gives a clear infusion, which is very good for breakfast with nuts and dried fruit. Very kindly invigorating, without the dense "oil" power, but gently uplifting and energetic. A very good option for those who do not like the more "tart" pu-erhs, but want to join to pu-erhs.

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